Daily Prep Episode 304: Why You Should Stockpile Ammunition

Most people would agree that a good prepper should stockpile ammunition.

But as we know all too well, ammo is hard to come by these days. In particular, 9mm is an especially rare goose!

So if there was any doubt in your mind before as to why you should stockpile ammunition, check out my experience for a quick refresher…


Stockpile Ammunition

PPU 9mm. After searching high and low, this is the stuff I ended up with.

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  • Just a guy

    Hey Dan,

    Just noticed that you were there after the 7:00 AM time that you mentioned they were restocking. I’ve noticed at my Walmart that they’re stocking at 7:00 AM with people waiting, so maybe try to get there at 6:45 instead to see if you can “beat the rush”.

    • http://www.thedailyprep.com/ Urbivalist Dan

      thanks for watching brother. yeah I wasn’t sweating it too much at the cedar hills walmart, because a couple of the times I got there at 710 or so, they still hadn’t put the ammo out… they didn’t really observe the 7am thing super strict, but there was still hardly anybody there even when the ammo did come out… best of luck with your ammo!

  • Prepper Website

    Oh man…that was funny Dan! I was loving the music.

    • http://www.thedailyprep.com/ Urbivalist Dan

      thx Todd! A lot of times I don’t mess with music, but I was just hearing that song when I went through all the clips I uploaded haha

  • Jeff Flythe

    Hey Dan, I happened upon this website and they seem to have a decent amount of ammo stocked and ready to ship. Check it out. http://www.luckygunner.com/

    • http://www.thedailyprep.com/ Urbivalist Dan

      good head’s up. I’ve actually looked on their site a handful of times, but now their stuff has always been really expensive. like $1 a round for 9mm… I’m just kinda hoping that I can hold out for cheaper stuff… Bulk Ammo is another one that is kind of in the same boat… thx for watching!

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  • Luke Bagley

    Hey Loved the read and thought I would add that I found this article and it gives good numbers to aim for! Good luck all in the hunt! http://xtremerevolution.net/ammo-stockpile/