All Survival Is Not Created Equal

You ever consider how broad the term “survival” is? Depending on who’s using it, it could mean anything.

To a primitive skills aficionado, “survival” means making your own house and clothes. To a middle aged mom, it means canning food. And to a salty military vet, it means stockpiling guns and blowing away the bad guys.

“Real Survival” is practical, modern, and mostly urban.┬áThink about it. Most people in the world live in cities, and therefore need to address this in their preparations. We live in a world of grocery stores, city water, waste removal, paved roads, and complex infrastructure. And above all, we understand that the human element is both a positive and negative thing.

Modern survival is the science of navigating these waters towards daily preparedness.

The Many Subsections of Survival:

Food Storage Moms-these are the sweet middle aged moms who equate the idea of survival with having a basement full of canned foods (some of which they probably canned themselves). Probably also soccer moms. They know the importance of stocking those cupboards full!

Apocalyptists-swear that someday soon just about everybody is going to be torched in a giant nuclear explosion, drowned in a flood, frozen to death in another ice age, or abducted by aliens. These guys are the converts of Independance day, I Am Legend, and all the other wonderful Hollywood portrayals.

Tactical Hoo-Rahs-these are the guys that treat everything like it’s the battlefield. They borrow all the acronyms, abbreviations and terminology from their military days. These guys are all about stockpiling firepower, blowing things up, and beating the bad guys.

Primitive Skills-the hippies of the group. These are the folks that farmers markets are made of. They love to make their own clothes, build their own homes, grow their own food, and in all other possible ways be “at one” with our mother earth. These guys often have learned a tremendous amount about living off the land.

Camping & Hunting Nuts-LOVE spending time in the outdoors. They can’t get enough of hunting, tracking, animal calls, hiding in bushes, and analyzing poop. They like the adventure of making do and doing without, so they do it for fun. To these guys, the concept of “survival” is being alone in the wilderness.

Medical Mavens-pride themselves on being able to perform CPR, first aid, emergency surgeries, treat and dress wounds, triage the victims of mass destruction, and anything else medical. To them, the apex of “survival” is being able to put people back together.

Right Wing Extremists-swear that the government is slowly taking away our freedoms, and that people are being led down the path of “following the system” without questioning. Everything is a conspiracy, nothing should be trusted–especially if it’s the Feds. The less government there is, the better.

Boy Scouts-are a close relative of the camping/hunting nuts. Their brand of survival is also largely “wilderness survival.” They become more “prepared” by passing off merit badges dealing with: building a fire, using a knife, making camp, disposing of waste (paper and otherwise), splitting wood, navigating by map, and more.

Doomsday Economists-these guys prophesy of the times when paper money will be completely worthless, and burnt to keep warm. They put their faith in stockpiling raw goods and precious metals. They invest in foreign markets, and keep their wealth spread around, so that it can’t be lost all at once.




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