Have any of you guys seen the “Utility Flame” gel packets yet?

I got my hands on a couple of these a few weeks back, and wanted to see how long they would burn for.

The information from the manufacturer says that they should burn for 14-15 minutes, and I found that to be true. I got a full 16 minutes out of mine, which I felt was excellent.

A few reasons why I like Utility Flame:

  • conveniently packages to fit perfectly in pockets, packs, glove boxes, purses, and more
  • flame burns hot without having to be huge
  • they can be found online for roughly $2 a pack–perfect for a backup fire prep.

I don’t think you need to stock up on enough of these so that you can have one for every fire, but I do think it’s a good idea to have a couple in each family member’s BOB.

In particular, these guys could come in REALLY handy for spouses or older children who may not be as proficient at making fire.

Anybody else seen these in action yet?



Complete details and specs on Utility Flame here.

Buy Utility Flame gel fuel packets on Amazon here.

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