If you’re a prepper and you live urban, you NEED to check out The Urban Farming Guys.

They are a group of 20+ families who purposely moved into one of the worst areas of downtown Kansas City, called the Lykins neighborhood.

The Urban Farming Guys Lykins Neighborhood FarmHere they brave the everyday realities (horrors) or living in an area ridden with drugs, prostitution, gangs, gunfights, theft and poverty, to spread the good gospel of self sufficiency.

They purchased homes throughout this district, and through simple proactivity and “good neighborliness”, they have been able to really turn the tide. They’ve seen crime drop, and have started several community gardens and farms.

Here’s just a smattering of what they do:

The Urban Farming Guys have even taken their goodwill and low tech solutions on the road to assist in developing areas of India and Mexico.

Their message is one of hope–that it is possible (and AFFORDABLE!) to live self sufficiently, no matter what your environment. This is what preppers are constantly trying to preach to people!

Just as an example-one of their most recent posts/videos is a DIY project showing how you can create your own solar-powered aquaponics setup for under $400. It’s a small and realistic approach that can put real protein on the table!

So many more goodies, but if you’re still reading, I want you to stop and get over there, so I’ll end now!

Hope you dig!



To get involved with The Urban Farming Guys via donations of money, time, stuff or anything else, click here.

Check out their forum here!

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