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Looking for a good book on self-sufficiency?  Better Off is the story of an academic east coast couple that decides to go without electricity for a year. To do this, […]

For today’s Gear Review Wednesday, I thought I’d give you guys a look at my most recent knife, the Pry Bar Mora. This is the knife that many of you […]

A couple weeks ago, I was in the throws of a serious head cold.  Standing in the middle of the local CVS, I again asked myself, “which pain med is […]

In today’s BOW Monday, I throw to a handful of my favorite “deal of the day” sites specifically for gear. Some of my recent favs have been: Outdoor Daily Gearhog […]

At long last, I’m back from my holiday hiatus in San Diego. While it was a fun filled trip, I’m excited to be back to my routine and to you […]

Merry Christmas from the whole Urbivalist Fam! Hope you are all spending it safe and with loved ones. -Dan

Gear Review Wednesday, and today I thought I’d give you guys a look at my car survival kit.  With Christmas and New Years just around the corner, a lot of […]

On December 15, 2011, Liberty died. The United States Senate approved a bill known as the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) by an passing rate of 93-7. The bill is […]

In today’s BOWM Prepisode, I pass along a great resource for finding killer audio.  If you have to commute to work (or travel for work), you have some downtime on […]

You probably never knew that “avulsed” is a fancy word for “knocked out”, but then again, I didn’t either. This week I’m hosting my long time friend and 3rd year […]

I’ve had some recent discussion with friends about OWS (or Occupy Wall Street in case you’ve been under a rock for the last 3 months). Here are my 2 cents. […]

A little something for the “extra-righters” out there… -Dan

Hmmm…what do you think? In today’s “Best of Web Monday” I give you a couple resources to assist in preserving your individual liberty. The American Presidency Project–Executive Order Summary www.thisnation.com–What […]

For today’s “Field Trip Friday” I hit the road with my buddy Jasen for some lessons in fishing. Depending on your area, fishing can be a great way to secure […]

In today’s “Gear Review Wednesday”, instead of reviewing one specific piece of gear, I make the case for having your personal document shredder. Although it may not be as exciting […]

After having this book for over a year, I finally dug in and read it. Took me about a week and a half (maybe 3 hours total). Eye opening on […]

In today’s BOW Monday, I throw to a project called Open Secrets. Open Secrets is focused squarely on exposing how the money changes hands in politics. Specifically, you can find […]

(apologize for the tardiness–I had some technical difficulties and could not get this uploaded Fri. eve…) As many of you are probably aware, the western U.S. has been hit with […]

“Bugging out” is certainly a latter resort than hunkering down, but if you had to, could you do it? There’s only one way to find out–practice. I have taken place […]

Today’s Gear Review Wednesday gives you a closer look at The Grabber Reusable Space Blanket. This is something I used with Cody From Boise in my trip to Idaho (Prepisode […]

What do checklists and prepping have in common?  In either case, there are uncomfortable things that need to be faced. Today I give you guys a look at a handful […]

In today’s “Best of Web Monday”, I talk about what is perhaps the most controversial survival site out there.  Alpharubicon.com is a 16 year old survival forum that requires members to […]

Are you HAM radio certified? It’s “Field Trip Friday”, and today I’m taking you with me to the HAM radio licensing class… It was a mind blowing amount of information […]

Just a couple thoughts for the prepper on this Thanksgiving,  and 1 in particular, 1 thing I’m especially thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving from Snax and I!

Gear review Wednesday, and today I’m checking out the “Candle In A Can.” What do you think?

Happy Tuesday Folks! Today I wanted to just have some fun for, and share my second installment of “You might be an urbivalist if…” We did the first installment of […]

It’s “Best of Web Monday”, and today I’m talking about how to find fellow survivalists in your area using a website called Meetup.com. In a just few quick searches, I […]

It’s “Field Trip Friday”, and today’s a special one. Throughout my journey as an urbivalist, I’ve slowly begun to realize that knowing how to defend yourself is a very real […]

Gear Review Wednesday! Today we’re checking out some of what makes the Hi Tec Altitude Ultra WPi a great boot. Having weathered a couple “mock bug outs” and some seriously […]

Midway though yesterday’s prepisode, I knew there had to be another… In yesterday’s prepisode, we talked about finding employment FAST. Today I wanted to share a few ideas to use […]

Today’s best of web monday features 3 different types of resources you can use to drum up some employment FAST.  The resources come in 3 varieties. Watch and learn! Temp […]

Happy Veteran’s Day! As mentioned, I have my sister and brother in law in town for the weekend. In exchange for putting him up for a couple days, I got […]

Today I’m feeling a little silly.  But if you watch this, you’re OBLIGATED! So, tell us what’s your next/current project?

In today’s Gear Review Wednesday, I give you a look at the Coleman Magnesium Firestarter, available at Wal Mart, Big 5, or probably any other sporting goods store. The concept […]

Could we really be punished for our thoughts? Could we truly be empowering a govenment that takes away our very “inalienable rights?” In his masterpiece 1984, George Orwell paints an […]

Sound like an exaggerated claim? Maybe. But before you decide for sure, head on over to Fiverr and see what I’m talking about! As survivalists, an important aspect of our […]

It’s field trip Friday! And at long last, it’s time to give you guys a look at a really cool field trip I took a couple weeks ago. On this […]

Were our Founding Fathers conservative or liberal? Well, for starters, what do the labels “conservative” or “liberal” even mean? You be the judge on this one…

It’s “Gear Review Wednesday”, and this time, I’m giving you an up close and personal look at my trusty EDC knife, the Gerber Paraframe 1.  If I don’t make this […]

It’s time for an experiment. At the Self Reliance Expo a few weeks ago, Jack Spirko told me that: rat trap + tree trunk + peanut butter = squirrel city I’m […]

Happy Halloween! In today’s “Best of Web Monday”, I have a couple really cool resources to pass along: www.animatedknots.com–shows you how to tie virtually ANY knot, in real time animation. […]

Field Trip Friday! Remember Seth from Utah Guns? (appeared in films such as Prepisode 34) Well, I recently got an invite from him to go shoot. So we met up at […]

Find North Without A Compass So you’re lost in the wilderness without your trusty compass? Fear not, there are other ways of telling. Thanks to Ben from Financial Survivalist, I […]

G24 Innovations Solar Curve I got a new toy! The itty-bitty G24 Innovations Power Curve solar unit. It’s a BOB-sized solar panel, that definitely won’t power a house, but works […]

Cleaning A Hydration Bladder My hydration bladder has had water residue in it since I went camping with Cody, and after a couple weeks it’s starting to get kinda skanky. […]

Baseball cards are so ’87. In today’s best of the web Prepisode, I feature www.heirloomseedswap.com, a hub for urbivalists looking to trade heirloom seed varieties. This site has seeds for […]

Indoor Vegetable Garden The growing season in Utah is all but over. But I’m not ready to stop growing. So at long last, I finally put together my first indoor […]

What is the best way to carry 6 feet of paracord with you everyday? Your shoes. I recently had the idea to scrap my flimsy shoelaces and replace them with […]

Today is gear review Wednesday, and at long last, it’s time for a guest video. J-Web, friend and long time member of The Urbivalist Community, recently picked up a pretty […]

If I were a magician, this would be my final act.  Seriously. Maybe you guys have seen this before, but until last week, I had NO idea it was possible. […]