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Here I am again, blabbing about off-grid housing. This time, it’s in the form of the IT House. IT Houses are the creation of TK Architects (Taalman Koch) out of Los Angeles. The goal is to create housing with minimal impact on the environment. Now before you go writing this all off as being “frilly” […]

If you guys have followed me for any length of time,  you know that I’m in love with the idea of a shipping container house. Admittedly there is a lot I still don’t know about it, but from a resources standpoint, it seems like they offer some compelling upside in terms of cost, time savings, […]

A couple weeks ago, my good buddy Derek shared a cool link on The Daily Prep’s Facebook Page. It was for a nuclear map created by the folks at Nuclear Secrecy. The map is aptly titled “Nukemap“, and allows users to essentially see the affected range of a nuclear detonation in specific locations. Select a […]

As some of you guys know, Joel Skousen’s book Strategic Relocation points out several reasons why high population density areas are especially volatile and vulnerable in the face of disaster situations . There are 7 specific reasons that I thought I’d pass along to you: Excessive Specialization- Hardly any “generalists” in high population density areas. […]

If you’re living in the U.S. right now, is your state free? Mabe a better quesiton is, “Compared to all the other states, how does your state stack up?” Freedom In The 50 States and Walking To Freedom are 2 projects focused squarely on helping you assert the liberty you have as a citizen of […]

You ever stop and ask yourself “Why carry a knife?” Day after day, as we’re heading out the door, we grab our keys, wallets and our knives. I actually didn’t start carrying a knife everyday until after I’d started The Daily Prep (In fact, it was August 11, 2011…you can see the historic moment happen […]

Last Friday, I picked up a new little EDC knife… the Kershaw Skyline. I was at Blade HQ’s 10th anniversary and storefront grand opening party. The mood was right, and knives were “in the air”, so I decided to snag this guy…but not before I almost bought a couple others. So for the contenders on […]

On the coattails of yesterday’s prepisode about the Off The Grid Build website, I thought I’d let you in on a recent convo I had with my buddy Mike a couple weeks back. He let me know that he is getting ready to close on a 5-10 acre parcel of land about an hour south […]

In my mind, the “summit” of prepping lies in having a secure off the grid build. It just feels peaceful. Even though you are still subject to weather and acts of God, living in an off grid home ensures that you aren’t subject to the whims of utility companies, city power stipulations, or any other […]

Over the last 3 years that I’ve been prepping, there seem to be some repeating blunders that I see preppers making. This video explains the 8 most common prepping mistakes people make, which are: Hyper-focusing on one specific survival “hobby” at the expense of other prepping areas. Outsourcing your food storage Outsourcing your survival kit […]

Being a prepper means sometimes you get interesting gifts. This Valentine’s Day was no exception. In addition to the typical niceties, my wife got me the book “501 Most Devastating Disasters.” Even though the title is a little on the heavy side, it’s a book full of awesome information about some of the greatest tragedies […]

I got an interesting question last week from a dude named Chris. He writes:  Dear Dan, What can you put gold or silver into that would make it untraceable by professional metal detectors? Some people have suggested lead or asbestos. Is there any definite successful way? Like under a cement platform? Thanks and have a […]

Ever since the “Post-Sandy Hook” firearms craziness began, I’ve seen a bunch of bumper stickers and shirts in support of the 2nd Amendment. Many of them are a little too loud and crazy for me though. Even though I’m down with sending a message, there are a bunch I just could never bring myself to […]

For roughly the past 12 months, I’ve been a regular at Prepper Website. Every few weeks or so, Todd and I exchange emails and/or pass things along to each other. I’ve enjoyed many of the articles and videos that he shares, and I’ve been fortunate to have a handful of my own posts linked up […]

Confession: My Utah Duck Hunting adventure happened in December of last year, and I’m just now getting around to posting…sorry. It’s funny how sometimes you can go for years without keeping in touch with someone, and then all of a sudden in a 20 minute phone call, you’re making plans to hangout. This is exactly […]

A couple weeks ago, I got an interesting comment on a post I wrote in 2011 entitled “Is This the Best Bug Out Shelter?”. It was from a dude named  ”Airborne”, who referenced a modular, low-cost emergency shelter known as “Rigid Tents.” After clicking through to the website he linked up, I soon learned that […]

On Sep. 8, 1900 Galveston, Texas was rocked by a what was known as “The Great Galveston Hurricane.” Over 6,000 people were killed and the city was reduced to kindling. Not only did the hurricane ravage Houston, but it continued northward leaving a wake of destruction. The people of Galveston rallied and rebuilt their entire […]

Have you ever tried to make a handgun out of a mousetrap or fuel from water? Well, next time you are, look no further than Grant Thompson, The King of Random. Grant has a series of youtube vids featuring useful and entertaining DIY tutorials. A lot of them have tie-ins to survival and emergency preparedness […]

If there were no fuel left, would cars still be useful? I say yes. They could be used as shelter or storage, plus they are made up of thousands of useful little parts, that could likely be repurposed into something of utility. I’m curious to know what you guys think though–what other uses are there?

Like a handful of you guys out there, I have a minor obsession with ISBU shipping container housing.  It stems out of a handful of reasons. Shipping containers are: Cheap (roughly $2-3K fora 40′ corten steel container) Extremely durable and load bearing Versatile (they can be setup in a variety of configurations) Cool-looking (I dig […]

Last winter, a giant windstorm hit Utah. For several days, some people were without power, and accordingly without heat. Families bundled up in extra clothing and blankets, and the lucky ones had neighbors with generators that would run an extension cord to them. Being without heat during winter in the Rocky Mountains is a legitimate emergency. […]

I got a question last week from a college kid named Jacob. He is looking to get more into prepping, but he lives at home and his parents aren’t super supportive of it. So 2 questions: What are some good ways to keep his preps hidden and out of notice? What can he do to […]

So I just heard about “The Citadel“, a newly announced survival community, being planned in the St. Maries Idaho area.  It’s goal is to give residents an added level of security from the chaos of the outside world in the event of an economic collapse. It boasts: 2 layers of thick walls around the community […]

Like many “urbivalists”, living in small spaces, I am always on the lookout for ways to maximize available space. So I perked up a while back, when I saw an idea for storing food underneath the bed (check out the post on Urban Green Survival here). Once I had seen Dean’s idea, I had it in […]

Ever since I read Neil Strauss’ Emergency and Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, I’ve wondered exactly how free Americans are. It’s a question that evokes a lot of passion from both sides, so I don’t exactly bring it up at cocktail parties. But it’s in the back of my head, and I perk up whenever I […]

As many of you know, I recently purchased a Smith & Wesson M&P (Military & Police) 9mm, in the compact frame size. Due to the busy Holiday Season, the birth of our little baby girl, high ammo prices, SHOT show, and a variety of other distractions, I still hadn’t been able to shoot it. So […]

Recently finished reading the book Prepper’s Home Defense by Jim Cobb. REALLY good book! It covers several topics related to security that a prepper would want to be aware of, including things like: Operation security Perimeter defense Structure hardening Hand to hand combat Guard dogs Safe rooms Hidden storage Firearms Communications MUCH more! In particular, […]

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a quick video about a letter that the Utah Sheriff’s Association sent to President Obama regarding gun control measures. Since that time, I’ve heard of other sheriff’s departments that also sent letters to The President basically letting him know where they stand. Last week I found a blog […]

I recently met up with my buddy Seth, founder of UtahGuns.com for an inside look at why he started the site, upcoming events, giveaways, and more! Interestingly enough, I actually lived in the same apartment building as Seth in college over 13 years ago!!! Since that time, we traveled different paths–I moved around the country […]

While reading the book “Prepper’s Home Defense” I’ve been going over the section on “safe rooms.” A safe room is basically a room within your home that is ultra-fortified against outside attacks (whether from nature or of man). What is even more interesting to me is that the FEMA website has construction plans, funding information […]

Last week I found out that I was selected at one of 2M’s Top 5 Prepper Blogs. Along with: Preparedness Pro Prepper Website Backwood’s Survival The Redneck Survivalist Check out the original article on 2m CCTV’s site here.

Since Penny was born last month, many of you guys have been asking for updates. Wanted to make a quick vid to say thanks and give you the general temperature.

I just found this letter from the Utah Sheriff’s Association to President Obama himself! In the wake of so many spineless arguments about gun control, it was SO refreshing to find this letter proudly reminding the President of  our Constitutional rights. Resources: Check out the original letter here

Because I was on my way back from SHOT show, I missed the Guns Across America “Gun Appreciation Day.” It’s ironic and it makes me feel a little bit hypocritical that I was too busy selling guns to come support the 2nd Amendment. I was able to see some of the recap vids from those […]

As some of you guys know, I’m a big Tim Ferriss fan (writer, entrepreneur, tech investor, etc). Last week he did a video with a buddy of his where he mentioned that he was preparing to purchase a Tumbleweed “tiny house.” I had heard of tiny houses before, but checked out the Tumbleweed site and […]

Alright guys, here’s what’s up: I’m in my “swanky” Harrah’s hotel room in Vegas getting ready for SHOT show 2013. Although I’m down here with my company (Desert Tactical Arms), I’m looking forward to seeing some cool stuff too. If you guys are around, come see me at the DTA booth (#26502). -Dan

Most of you guys have seen my good friend Ben (from Financial Survivalist) on previous prepisodes. Well, it had been a while since we caught up, so we decided we’d do another “Dan and Ben on a Log” chat. Unscripted, full of tangents, rambling and all else. This time we caught up on my new […]

As most folks who have watched me for any length of time know, I’m a Mormon. One question that I occasionally get from time to time is “Are all Mormons preppers?” While the short answer to this is “no”, our church does teach preparedness to it’s people. As part of the umbrella we refer to […]

If you guys haven’t seen Mr. Colion Noir yet, you need to check him out! Firearms reviews, footage from the field, but best of all–some great rants. Colion Noir is a Lawyer and incredibly well spoken. He is a huge proponent of concealed carry and 2nd amendment rights. Plus the guy rocks some pretty cool […]

This Christmas, I was lucky enough to get a couple of really cool preps on the list of things I’d been wanting! The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan This is a book I’ve wanted for a long time (ever since my good friend Liberty N Justice recommended it to me). Although I haven’t really dug […]

As many of you guys know, our baby girl was born a little early last week, and my wife and I have been pretty much living in the NICU ever since. Today I wanted to take a quick second to wish everyone a happy new year and look back over some of the notables of […]

As many of you know, last week I picked up my first handgun. I went with a Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Compact (Military and Police). Even though I’m not a pro, I really dig the gun and feel like it will be a good fit for me. If you’re looking to purchase your first […]

What’s up guys! Several of you have asked for updates on the wife and baby, so today I’m taking a personal day to get Jaime on camera with me for a brief update. And to solicit your suggestions for baby names! We’re only a few weeks away and still undecided! -Dan

For today’s BOWM prepisode, I wanted to point y’all towards a dude I just recently found online… URBAN NATURE MAN. That’s right, this guy is from Wisconsin, but moved to the heart of L.A., and is now trying to utilize his skill sets in his new environment. Here’s why I like UNM: He’s great on […]

I know I say this all the time, but this week has been another busy one, keeping me off the blog… The difference is, I’ve been working hard on preps! Within the space of 7 days I: Got my Utah State Hunter’s Safety Certification Went duck hunting Bought my first ever handgun–Smith & Wesson M&P9C […]

The Bob Costas comments about the Jovan Belcher shootings and gun control last Sunday still have me burned up. Yesterday, I was in yet another online discussion and had to flip on the cam real quick and make a video. Earlier in the week I also posted this on the DTA forum: “Get real people. […]

A couple of weeks back, I posted a prepisode on how I was testing my house for Radon. Radon is a poisonous gas which can cause lung cancer and a variety of other ailments. So, I just got my results back from the lab… NO RADON! The EPA recommends that any house with more than […]

Our friend Derek Porter posted on The Daily Prep facebook wall last week, about a really cool resource that I wanted to share with you guys. It’s called “How Prepared Are You?”, and is a 20 question survey (with a handful of follow up questions on some questions) created by the folks at Doomsday Preppers. […]

Jack Spirko challenged his listeners to learn 13 new skills in 2013. I love this concept, except for 1 thing… It’s friekin’ delusional! NOBODY has time to learn 1 skill a month (plus 1 leftover)! Because we’re about keeping it real over here, I’ve decided that I want to drop the “1″ and just shoot […]

Remember my caribou hunt in Alaska? Nobody really knows this, but that video would not have existed without Goal Zero portable solar chargers! My camera (and the backup battery) died about halfway through the trip. Luckily, my guide had a Goal Zero setup that he let me use. I unfolded the solar panels, draped them […]

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