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The Daily Prep officially celebrated it’s first birthday! That’s right, August 1st of 2011, I posted my very first prepisode. And now 200 prepisodes later (definitely wasn’t “daily” eh? :-), we’re celebrating our first year together. So many good times caught on camera, and many more to come. Over the next year, some of the […]

As preppers, we know that the ability to “eat what you store” is HUGE. And a grain mill is an awesome way to do just that. With a grain mill you can turn your grains into flour, cereal, coffee, soup mixes, feed for your livestock, and more. In today’s “Gear Review Wednesday” I give you […]

In today’s prepisode, we’re joined by Barack Obama, President of The United States, for a little bit of his philosophy on American Olympic athletes. And in case you missed it, here’s the clip that “launched 1000 ships” from his recent speech in Roanoke, VA:

The Urban Farming Guys is a non-profit organization that teaches people low tech solutions for farming, livestock, aquaponics, composting, bio-gas and more. In today’s “Best of Web” Monday, I throw to a recent trip of theirs to a small village in India. While here, they spent a few days building a high yielding aquaponics system, […]

If you guys watched my 72 hour power outage simulation last week, you might remember seeing me read Scott Williams “The Pulse” by candlelight. I just finished reading it, and really enjoyed it. In this video, I give you just a few of the reasons why. Have you guys read this yet? -Dan Resources: Pick […]

Last month I caught up with my buddy Ben from Financial Survivalist, and did a little dispersed camping up the road from me. While there I finally got to test my Emberlit Stove, and really liked it. For today’s Gear Review Wednesday, I wanted to give you guys a little look at it. It’s lightweight, […]

Any “Walking Dead” fans out there? I saw a few episodes with friends a while ago, but my wife was not into all the violence/gore, so until last week I hadn’t seen any of the others. When I was with my fam in San Diego however, I found out that they were hooked, so we […]

Last week I was in San Diego to go to a wedding and hang out with friends. Per usual, I had an awesome time there. We got the boat out on the bay once, hit the beach twice, and drank up the amazing weather. I love San Diego! My time there reminded me however, that […]

As many of you guys saw in Prepisode 185, last weekend I went without power for 72 hours. Well…here’s the recap! It’s a little long and somewhat dark (as would stand to reason with no electricity), but if you’re cool with those disclaimers, watch away! -Dan

Most survivalists rarely have to do the things they talk about. This dude was just found in the desert of southern Utah, after wandering down a river trail for 3 weeks! He had only eaten a fish, 2 toads, and some roots/vegetation. What might have been most interesting though is the thing he craved more […]

Hey guys…today I’m kind of cheating… I’m about 67 hours into my 72 hours without electricity challenge. Today I really had to get some work done, so I cheated and went to a nearby public library. I figured that was maybe the best happy medium–allows me to be able to get the critical few things […]

 Are you planning to have a farm or a fortress? Too many people are planning for the latter when they should be focusing on the former. Your homestead should be a defensible location, and that should be part of your plan, but more importantly, it should somewhere that can PRODUCE the necessities of life. This […]

What’s up guys, for today’s Gear Review Wednesday, I wanted to give you guys an up close and personal look at the Zero Tolerance 350 folding knife. If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you probably saw me get crazy on a little urban bug out field test I did with this knife […]

Good and bad news…. The bad news is that the first half of the video is really fuzzy (settings were on macro, sorry). The good news is that we finally got a chance to get Mrs. Urbivalist in the hot seat for some good old fashioned Q&A. I’ve received a handful of emails and comments […]

By this time, everyone’s heard of Doomsday Preppers, but have you heard of Doomsday Bunkers? This “sister” spinoff, takes a closer look at the actual retreats and bug out locations of various preppers. The show features the work of Deep Earth Bunker, a consulting company who specializes in building subterranean retreats. Yes, some of the […]

If you’re not afraid to get a little gnarly, this is for you! In Prepisode 170, I invited you all to help me create my next scenario-based challenge…and now I’m inviting you to do it with me! After collecting everyone’s suggestions for what to do next, I’ve decided that for my next challenge I’m going […]

Happy 4th of July people! Hope everyone is having fun and staying safe today. Just wanted to share some quick thoughts with you guys on our great country.  

On the coattails of yesterday’s prepisode about the fire, today another fire sprang up–this time pretty close to my house! BE SAFE TOMORROW if you’re going to light off fireworks! Don’t take a chance of lighting something off near brush. In addition to the hazard of starting a fire, make sure your kids are supervised […]

For the last 2 weeks, Utah has been on fire! Currently there are 9 wildfires ablaze in Utah, at various places along the Wasatch front of the Rocky Mountains. The culprit? Mostly the fact that it’s been hovering around 100 degrees for the past several days, coupled with the reality that we haven’t had a […]

Guys, You gotta help me out. A couple days ago, I went camping, and came back with some pretty gnarly poison ivy. Everything I’ve ever heard about poison ivy is that you have to either catch it before it’s been on your skin for very long, or else you buckle up and wait it out. […]

Alright guys… Here’s your first update! Last week, you guys saw me put in my box garden (in prepisode #172) . Now it’s time to give you a look at what has transpired in just 11 days. Even though I got a late start, some quick starts make me hopeful still about the remaining growing […]

It might not be water into wine, but the Hydropak pouches allow you to turn filthy, brackish, disgusting mud into a purified sports drink. How? It uses a reverse osmosis process that filters water on the way in to the pouch, so all the contaminants are left outside. Simply put it into the water and […]

Today’s prepisode is a simple DIY for anybody looking to grow some potatoes (or sweet potatoes). I’m assuming that many people already know this, but for those who don’t–here you go. If you have kids, doing something like this is the perfect opportunity to teach about food. -Dan

In some form or fashion, many of us have a goal to eventually live on a “homestead.” But exactly what this means, depends on who you’re talking to. In Jack Spirko’s recent Survival Podcast Episode 924, he talks about his homestead in Arkansas, and why he is moving from it after just 2 short years. […]

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the phrase, “The Writ of Habeas Corpus” essentially means “the right of the accused to be officially charged with their crimes.” This is a crucial component of American liberty, and is outlined in the Constitution. There are times however, when the Writ of Habeas Corpus has been […]

In today’s “Gear Review Wednesday” I give you a look at the M3 Medic Bag, from the guys at 1st Survival Gear. This is a mid-sized first aid/trauma kit, with enough to support a small group of people. It has a good amount of gauze dressing, lots of sanitation supplies, a REALLY durable carry case […]

Today it’s simple–I wanna know what you have found that’s worked to help you organize your food storage preps. I’m looking to get a little bit more organized and am just curious to see what you kind of system (if any) you guys have been using… Thanks! -Dan

What would it have been like to have lived through Hurricane Katrina? Some of you may have had first hand experience with Katrina, but for the rest of us that didn’t, there are still valuable lessons to be learned. Today’s BOWM is about a site I was referred to a few weeks back by our […]

Because of my move, I’m not getting near the jump I wanted to on getting my garden in, but better late than never right? (some of you guys may remember that prepisode #1 was my attempt to get a garden in last summer–on July 31st!). Today I give you a look at how to make […]

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to close up a laceration but don’t have a butterfly bandage, here is a simple little way to improvise one. I must admit, I ripped this right off of FerFal (at www.themodernsurvivalist.com) who I mentioned a couple days ago. Thanks man!

After 170 prepisodes (and a solid year of adventures before that), I’ve been able to have some fun pushing myself to do things that I otherwise wouldn’t have. Mock bug outs Krav Maga Training Eating crickets! and most recently, my week without running water Now it’s your turn to tell me–what should my next adventure […]

When I was looking over some of my past prepisodes, I almost couldn’t believe that I haven’t mentioned a couple of my personal favs on BOWM yet. Fernando “FerFal” Aguirre of The Modern Survivalist, and Selco of SHTF School. These guys rule. Why? Because both of them actually LIVED through long term collapse/survival situations. FerFal […]

As I talked about in Prepisode 164, my wife and I recently moved. As part of that process, my wife and I spent a week using ONLY water from our 55 gallon water barrel. No running water whatsoever. As you can imagine, this is a pain in the butt–particularly when you’re trying to clean stuff […]

I recently received an email from a friend and Daily Prepper named John, who made some really good observations about the prepper community. He mentioned how there are a ton of folks out there who are either: “gloom and doomers”, or extremists The more I thought about it, the more I was reminded that ultimately, […]

I’m 4 days into my week long “no running water challenge“, and due to a little inspiration I gathered from Brooklyn Prepper, today I made a sink setup that will allow me to save and re-purpose a TON of water. Thanks Brooklyn! Resources: My week long “no running water” challenge here. Check out Brooklyn Prepper’s […]

In today’s BOWM, I throw to a YouTube channel that I’ve found recently–Never Enuff Ammo. Never Enuff Ammo, is an awesome resource for anybody looking for gun reviews from a prepper’s perspective. Clearly there are a lot of firearm reviews on the internet, but it’s kind of nice to get the opinion of somebody who […]

For the past few months, some friends on the Carry Fire Forum and myself, have been talking about ways to get out of the armchair. With yet another move upon me, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to test myself and my 55 gallon water container. So for the next week (plus or […]

When I’m in political conversations, I frequently explain the relationship between different political schools of thought as follows: Liberals want the government to do good things Conservatives want the government to do the right thing Libertarians want the government to do nothing (or as little as possible) What do you think?

(2 videos in playlist-second one begins automatically after the 1st is finished.) In today’s “Gear Review Wednesday” I throw to some footage I took a little while ago with the guys at Blade HQ. They recorded me on a MBO where I field tested in real time the Zero Tolerance 350 Folder. Lest some of […]

Hobo stoves are a classic urban survival solution to making a cook fire. They require very little surface area, provide a level surface for cooking, and display almost no flame signature. And you can make one out of a can you find in the gutter. As an added bonus, they work great with alcohol fuel […]

In the past 5 years, a bunch of new dehydrated and freeze dried food companies have saturated the market. They all have shiny looking websites, offer to mail you free samples of their food, and have conveniently packaged “food storage supplies” in the amount of 3 months, 6 months, and a year. Additionally, they pay […]

I’ve spoken before about the “Red Dawn Bug Out Mentality”, and just how far-fetched it really is. In today’s Best of Web Monday, I thought I’d point you guys towards an article that I recently read, entitled “The Fallacy of Bugging Out” In this article on Survival Acres, the author systematically paints a picture of […]

If you haven’t been to Harbor Freight, you’re missing out. Harbor Freight Tools is more than just another hardware store that sells nails and PVC pipe–it’s a man mall. Inside you can find solar panel kits, wood stoves, welders, and tons of stuff in between. Even though I wasn’t looking to buy anything in particular, […]

If you haven’t seen the UCO Stormproof Matches in action yet, you definitely need to check these guys out! They are windproof and waterproof–REALLY windproof and waterproof, and fairly inexpensive. They belong in your preps! Resources: Check out a list of retailers you can buy UCO Matches from here. Or save yourself a couple bucks […]

You ever hear the debates about being a survivalist vs. being a prepper? For what it’s worth, here’s my 2 cents on the question… What do you think?  

For today’s BOWM, I give you City Cottage. City Cottage is a downloadable ezine based out of the UK. And it’s free! In addition to their info-packed publications on fruit trees, gardening, bee-keeping, and raising livestock, they also have a pretty good website. Their site has a bunch of really cool photos and videos showing […]

I recently got some fatwood from Jeepinator, our good friend and fellow prepper. He found a ton of it on his property in North Carolina, and was kind enough to send some my way. So what is fatwood? Quite simply, fatwood (or “heartwood”) is wood from the core of a pine tree. It’s saturated with […]

While In Nicaragua, I got a pretty bad wax rash in one spot from lying on a surfboard. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s akin to road rash, although not as deep. So I kept it as clean as I could, and then once back on dry ground, got it bandaged up right! […]

A couple months ago, I got a little gift in the mail from our friend and fellow prepper Ben R–the book “One Second After”, by William R. Forstchen. With all the chaos over the last couple months, it took me a while to really get into it, but I finally finished it on my plane […]

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