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At long last, I’m back from my sojourn in Nicaragua! I had a ton of fun, but happy to be back (and mostly in one piece!). As part of our […]

Last week I went to the Crossroads of The West gun show. I had a great time, but as always, found a ton of weird stuff being sold there that […]

Being a prepper is stupid. First of all, there’s no way anything bad will ever happen to me. Earthquakes, tornadoes, and violence may happen in other parts of the world, […]

(apologize in advance for the somewhat bad lighting and audio…) April 17th at 10:15 am MDT was the Great Utah Shakeout! Even though we were out to a little brunch, […]

Happy Monday! Today’s BOWM comes to you courtesy of Ben, loyal Daily Prepper and fellow Utahn. In a conversation I had with him this weekend, he reminded me of a […]

Field Trip Friday! Today I take you along with me to a square foot gardening class taught at my local hardware store. Although it was a little bit “high level” […]

In response to my good friend and fellow YouTuber Danzak44, in today’s prepisode I share a couple thoughts about where our great country has been and where it is headed. […]

It’s Gear Review Wednesday, and today I give you guys a look at my paracord bracelet and key fob from Survival Straps. Although there are many places you can purchase […]

A couple weeks ago, our good friend Doc Tarboro sent me an email with photos of how you can very simply make an oil burning lamp from materials around your […]

In today’s BOWM, I pass along some of the handiwork of my good buddy Alex over at The Bubba Effect. Alex has put together a reference library that will make […]

In today’s Field Trip Friday, I take you along to the Preparedness Expo in Orem, UT. There were some interesting presenters, but to be honest, I was a little less […]

Just a quick couple of thoughts today on the subject of Heirloom and Hybrid seeds. In particular: Why hybrid seeds really aren’t as bad as people make them sound The […]

In preparation for this year’s, garden, today I take you with me to one of my favorite places in Utah County–Cook’s Farm and Greenhouse. With only 8 weeks until my […]

Happy Monday! In today’s BOWM, I wanted to throw to good ol FEMA! FEMA’s Independent Study Courses offer a TON of information on preparing for and dealing with emergencies. I […]

Good to be back with you guys! After a few day hiatus in L.A. I’m back with you guys today, and talking about survival mega-hub PrepperWebsite.Com. Prepper Website is a […]

Recently finished the book “On Island Time” by Scott Williams. Great read.  This book chronicles his adventures as a vagabond in the Caribbean over a period of a couple years. […]

In today’s BOWM, I share with you a couple of goodies that I recently came across: A forum that isn’t gloom, doom, and “me against the world” mentality An game […]

In today’s “Field Trip Friday” prepisode, I give you guys a look at the mock disaster scenario I participated in last week with my CERT unit. CERT stands for Community […]

In today’s “Gear Review Wednesday”, I give you an up close and personal look at my micro EDC. And when I say “micro”, I mean SUPER micro. If any of […]

Even though it’s important that we prepare, it’s even more important is that we act. I WILL ACT is a movement that I found recently, started by the guys at […]

It’s simple today-what is the best survival TV show? I’ve seen little bits of: Man vs. Wild Survivorman Man, Woman, and Wild Dual Survival (with Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury) […]

Over the weekend, I hit 500 YouTube subscribers! While I honestly don’t have some “number of subscribers” goal I’m trying to reach, it is flattering to know that many of […]

Last night between 2 and 3 am, there was a break in and  shooting down the street from my house! A man apparently walked from house to house, checking doors […]

The more I think about it, the more I realize that what rubs me the wrong way about “left thinking” is it’s view of the human condition. Put simply, left […]

In today’s BOWM, I throw to the Low Tech Combat project, and specifically The Human Combative Behavior Manifesto. The HCBM is a 44 page free ebook offered by the guys […]

Looking for a way to save some money on preps?  In today’s Field Trip Friday prepisode, I give you a look at the kind of RIDICULOUS savings you can get […]

As part of being financially prepared, those of us who run small businesses are constantly looking for ways to innovate, improve, and do things better. What Gary Vaynerchuk shares in […]

Gear Review Wednesday, and today I give you a look at the Timbuk2 Messenger Bag. Messenger bags have some SERIOUS advantages over backpacks and other bags for everyday purposes, primarily […]

As the days begin to get a little bit longer, I’m reminded that growing season is getting closer and closer. While going through a refresher read of Square Foot Gardening, […]

Today is BOWM, and in today’s prepisode I take a look at a site that can teach you how to do anything. I’ve been enjoying this site and hopefully you […]

Last time we sat down with Mrs. Urbivalist, we chatted about the NSAID family, and the pros and cons of each. In today’s prepisode I sit down once again for […]

After last Tuesday’s prepisode on water purification, I had a couple comments from our good friend J-Web asking about water filtration using things around the house. It reminded me that […]

And no, I’m not talking about Cupid and falling in love. Today I’m taking a moment to slow down and breathe deeply–IMHO, it can do just as much to keep […]

Last week I was given my first ever Liebster “bloggie” award by Bernie at Apartment Prepper.  The idea of Liebster is that the awards are given to your favorite “up […]

In today’s prepisode, I give you a look at how to make a PVC pipe micro cache. Although everybody might not agree with me, I feel that there is a […]

Today I take a look at water purification, and specifically “double purification.” Quite simply, double purification means using 2 different methods (i.e. boiling and filtration, or chemical purification and filtration). […]

Best of Web Monday! (and welcome to folks visiting from Bug Out Survival) Last week, Jack at The Survival Podcast interviewed Darby from Simpson Family Farms. They talked about a […]

Field Trip Friday! On the coattails of yesterday’s prepisode about Scott Williams Bug Out Vehicles book, today I give you some food for thought about your bug out plan. Plus, […]

Just read Bug Out Vehicles And Shelters by Scott Williams. Here are my 2 cents. Big thanks to Scott Williams and the folks at Ulysses Press. You can check out […]

In today’s Gear Review Wednesday, I give you a look at the 36 hour emergency candle. It’s made of liquid paraffin wax, and features: smokeless and odorless burning adjustable wick […]

Today I pause my regularly scheduled programming to relay a request from a friend in need. If any of you happen to know of somebody that may be looking for […]

In today’s BOWM prepisode, I chat briefly about 2 online resources that can help you learn the history of disasters occurring in your area. Resources USA.com’s disaster 60-year history of […]

Happy Friday and official Welcome To The Daily Prep! In the spirit of Friday and celebration, I thought I’d just share a sampling of a few laughs from the journey […]

At long last, I’m ready to make an announcement that I’ve been sitting on for a couple months…. As of 1/27/12, The Urbivalist will officially retire, and The Daily Prep […]

Gear Review Wednesday, and today I’m giving you a look at the handy little Pocket Pal, by Smith’s Knife Sharpeners While perhaps not the absolute best sharpener out there, it’s […]

As most are aware, SOPA and PIPA have caused quite a stir across the internet. What is it that is so terrible about these bills? Or are they really that […]

We hit 100 episodes last week–thanks to all you guys for watching and commenting! I feel like we’re having a good time, and I’m excited for more to come. “We’ve […]

Best of Web Monday, and on the coattails of my excursion to the Salt Lake mountains with Ben, today I’m sharing a few good resources for sheltering in the cold. […]

Field Trip Friday! Remember the mock bug out in the fall that I did? Well, I just did another one in the snow. My good buddy Ben from Financial Survivalist invited […]