Are You Getting REAL Education in 2015?

Skills Training - REAL Education

A few weeks ago, I made a video about “Escaping Modern American Life.” While I maybe haven’t always had it as distilled or front of mind, that’s what this entire thing has always been about. The journey to gain more control over life, escape the crappy options in front of us, and lay hold of […]

Interview with Glen Tate: Author of 299 Days Books

Video thumbnail for youtube video 299 Days Books Author, Glen Tate

Today I’m joined by 299 Days book series author Glen Tate, for a power hour (almost) of goodness. Or, if you just want to skim some of the high moments, you can skip through this playlist: For those of you who aren’t familiar with Glen or the series, there are a handful of really cool […]

Just Finished Your “2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Preppers”

Video thumbnail for youtube video Just Finished My 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Preppers

Are you guys gift shopping for a prepper this Holiday season? I just finished putting together a pretty sweet holiday guide for the 2014 season. This year it focuses mostly on the funny, “gag” gifts for preppers, but towards the end of the guide, I give you guys a handful of REALLY legit ideas for […]

Why You Should Be Reading The Common Sense Homesteading Blog

Common Sense Homesteading Blog

For the last 3-4 weeks, I have been absolutely blown away by Laurie Neverman’s Common Sense Homesteading blog. Plain and simple, if you’re an aspiring homesteader like me, you need to be hanging out there (and taking notes!). Why? The site is a mega portal of homesteading information, categorized by specific topics–animal husbandry, gardening, natural […]

The Official 31-Question Prepper Quiz

Prepper Quiz

As many of us know, there are several different types of preppers. But until now, the conspiracy theorists, food storage moms, and tactical tough guys have all fallen under the same label, “prepper.” This 31-question prepper quiz is where that all ends! That’s right, in our very own “Buzzfeed” style personality quiz, we put together […]

What Was Your Preparedness Aha?

What was your preparedness aha

Today’s prepisode is a simple question, “What was your preparedness aha?” You know exactly what I’m talking about–that moment where you actually realized that it’s a good idea to be prepared for disasters. Our preparedness ahas come in different forms. To some of us, it’s a natural disaster. To others,  a riot. Some preppers began […]

Apricot Harvest: Trying To Make The Most of It

Apricot harvest lessons

Today’s prepisode about our apricot harvest is actually from The Daily Prep archives–footage that was shot a while back but never posted. So here’s what happened guys: Since we moved into our new house early last spring, we have been working on things, fixing things up, buying stuff, and being parents. While all this is […]

Boneyard Studios Tiny House Community

Boneyard Studios Tiny House Community

For today’s “Best of Web” Monday, I throw to a really cool community of tiny houses in Washington D.C, called Boneyard Studios. It’s headquarters are located in what was essentially a leftover lot in the middle of the urban sprawl. Pretty cool! Through some zoning work and a lot of creativity, Boneyard Studios developed a […]

We Got Robbed!!!

We got robbed The Daily Prep

Today’s prepisode is a painful one, but one that needs to be shared nonetheless. My wife and I woke up this morning and realized that during the night, somebody had jumped our fence, came up into our carport, and stole some our things. They took a baby stroller that was sitting in the carport, and […]

Jake and Miller’s Big Adventure – Book Review

Jake and Miller's Big Adventure Book Review

Tonight my daughter Penny and I read a cool little prepping bedtime story, called “Jake and Miller’s Big Adventure.” The book is written by my friend Bernie Carr, and I think it’s FANTASTIC (If you guys have been following me since the early days, you might remember seeing me review her first book, The Prepper’s […]