According to the “Rule of 3’s”, humans are on death’s door after 3 days without water (on average). Because of this, water is our second most important currency of survival.

As human beings, water regulates all of our necessary body processes and functions. In fact, if you want to get right down to it, humans basically ARE water (roughly 98%).

From a survival standpoint, there are a couple main ways that we need to prepare ourselves with regard to water.

Water Storage

Your first line of defense is to have water stored in your home. Most sources recommend storing a gallon a day, per adult (don’t forget to take into consideration your pets–those guys need water too!).

Finding and Purifying

The second aspect of water that is important for us to keep in mind is finding and purifying water outside of our house. We need to make sure that we have the knowledge and equipment to be able to secure drinkable water on the go if necessary.

Check out the following prepisodes for topics related to water storage and purification:

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