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At the most basic level, every human being is a chunk of flesh. Although we can take quite a bit of abuse, we are also fragile in many ways.

Knowing how to treat and care for the human body can keep your lungs breathing and heart beating.

Health & Wellness

Everyday we make dozens of decisions that affect our health and ultimately, our long term survival. The foods we eat, our level of exercise, stress, smoking, sleep–the list goes on.

There are a lot of factors intertwined in your overall well-being, and while I’m not in any place to preach to you, the reality is that preventative medicine is the best kind. The seemingly little “lifestyle” decisions that you make manifest themselves in months and years of life.

Now that’s survival.

Emergency Medicine

No matter who you are, everyone’s been there when somebody collapsed, stopped breathing, or started gushing blood. You’ve been there for car accidents, seizures and a lots of other scary medical emergencies.

Even knowing a handful of basic emergency medical procedures can be enough to keep someone alive until help arrives–be the person who knows, AND acts.

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Disclaimer: This post is not a lesson on CPR. As always, people acting in a medical capacity should receive training from professionals. I’m not responsible for anything, don’t blame me […]

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