As ugly as it may be to think about it, it’s nevertheless a reality that the world is a full of violence.

And unfortunatley, you can be involved in a violent encounter whether you solicit it or not. There are hundreds of examples of people affected by terrorism, gang violence, riots, and flash mob violence just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Because of this, defending and securing ourselves against this violence is one of the 5 most currencies of life, and an aspect of preparedness that requires a multi-layered approach.

Personal Defense

Each of us needs to be confident that we can protect and defend ourselves against personal attacks, whether armed or unarmed. This requires both mental and physical training in both weapons and hand-to-hand combat.

Home Defense

A home invasion is a scary thing, and something that needs to be carefully prepared for. With some focused planning ahead of time however, there are several steps that can be taken to defending our homes–both passively and actively.

Identity Protection

Identity Protection is a third tier of security, that is perhaps often overlooked. Although attacks against your identity usually do not begin physically, they often result in kidnapping, home invasions, assault, robberies, hostage situations, and other crimes against your person. And in addition to these crimes against person, identity crimes typically involve theft, impersonation, and other fraud.

Take the steps you can today to protect your identity!

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