The Currencies of Life

Everybody has their own little list of “absolute-above-alls.”

Since you’re on my site, these are mine, IN ORDER of priority.

  1. Protection From the Elements
  2. Water
  3. Food
  4. Defense and Security
  5. Medical

These are the things that will keep your butt alive. Obviously if somebody has a gun to your head, “defense and security” trumps “water” at that particular moment in time.

Same thing goes for worrying about the threat of starvation when your femoral artery is gushing blood.

There are definitely momentary exceptions to the above.

I get that.

The currencies of life are listed in the order of priority that they are, based on both their potential for severity AND their likelihood of occurring.

So “the elements” poses a more serious and more likely threat to life than does starvation.

Does Their Order Really Matter?

Yeah it does. Here’s why:

If you have limited time and money to spend on preps (which most of us do), you need to know where to start. Keeping these priorities in mind starts you on preps that will yield the most “bang for the buck” and continue on down to the least.

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