SOL Escape Bivy Field Test

Hey Guys,

After a long hiatus, I have another gear review for you–this time on the SOL Escape Bivy.

I’ve had this bivy for a long time, and even took it with me on an adventure once, but for a couple reasons never posted the footage. Now that it’s getting cold again, I wanted to put it to the test once more, and see how it did.

Overall, the bivy did a good job, averaging air temps of 25-30 degrees F warmer inside the sleeping bag than the outside air.

One thing to consider however is that even though the air around you is warmer, you are also exchanging a lot of temperature via “conduction”, or direct contact with the ground.

Because of this, I was still freezing, and ended up only spending half the night outside in the bivy.


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  • DocTarboro

    Good report on this, I have a ton of Mylar one time use aluminum foil blankets in my BOB and BOV I heard these are just as flimsy as the ones i have, but yours seems to be holding up well after a few uses. Thanks for the review…

    • Urbivalist Dan

      No problem. SOL makes a few different versions, and the “Escape” version is the one that I have here. Some of their other ones don’t look much better than the dollar store cheapies, but the escape is DEFINITELY tougher than the mylar ones. I think I’ll get a lot of use out of it.

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