You guys have heard me talk about shipping container homes a bunch already.

That’s because they make sense!

They’re cheap, durable and extremely versatile. They insulate well, they offer some compelling security advantages, and much more.  They can be used for your primary residence, a granny apartment, an office, a fallback shelter, or a cabin in the woods. Just think, each 40′ steel box costs about $1,000-$2000 bucks.

That’s friekin’ cheap.

In today’s prepisode, the wife and I break out some arts and crafts in the form of a model shipping container home, from the guys at Home In A Box.

What’s in it?

The Home In a Box kit contains a “to scale” model of the corten steel boxes, as well as the furniture and furnishings that would go inside them.

So in addition to being fun, it’s actually a pretty good way to brainstorm a shipping container space.

Think of it like a 3D floor plan!


To get your own Shipping Container Model Home and a whole slew of good design/build ideas, check out Home In A Box.

-While you’re at it, you should also check out my friends at Renaissance Ronin. They do a ton of consulting and work with corten steel construction as well.

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