It’s important that you make sure your urban survival toolbox is stocked with the right tools. And with the wealth of free knowledge available on the internet, there’s no reason not to. Enjoy our “best of the web” list for the aspiring urbivalist.

Most items are downloadable links, so click on them and save to a file on your computer.

The Survival Handbook (as found on
Survival, Evasion & Recovery–Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines Corps procedures.
Army Field Manual 3.05.70
Survival Iphone Apps–Yes, we live in a digital age. If you have an iphone (or other smart phone), check out these 11 apps.
Earthquake Preparedness Checklists–These 15 tip sheets from the California state website offer advice for earthquake preparedness in a variety of unique situations. Includes considerations for preparing the elderly, pets, apartment living and more.
Your Family Disaster Plan Template (Courtesy of Ready Set Go Kits)–Make sure your family is all on the same page with this easy to fill out form. Perfect for storing in your bug out bags, safe room, cars, wallet, or even digitally on your phone.
Survival Books Reviewed-Looking for your next read? Begin your search here. This review site categorizes books on their readability, their “realisticness”, and thematic elements.
The American Civil Defense Association’s FREE Preparedness Academy. A total of 17 downloadable guides. Emergency communications, Water Purification, and a whole slew of other goodies.

How To Find Water on A Deserted Island–few anecdotal suggestions.
Types of Shelters (Courtesy of–Several types of shelters for bug out scenarios.
Emergency Survival Myths–Common misconceptions exposed with accompanying truths to set the record straight.
Are You Ready–FEMA’s 204-page exhaustive guide to preparedness. Specifics for natural disasters, NBC threats, terrorism, and more.
CBRN Gas Masks–Information from MSA regarding technologies available for protecting against respiratory attacks (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear).
Food Drying–Guide to drying and dehydrating fruits, meat and more.
Terrorism–FEMA’s comprehensive overview


Equipped to Survive: Survival discussion and tips.

Survivalist Boards: Gear reviews, disaster preparedness, primitive skills, and much much more.

When SHTF: Will you be ready? Excellent forum for the modern-day survivalist. Online community of firearm enthusiasts and survival minded people.

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