Pulling The Trigger: 6 Steps to Purchasing a Prepper’s First Pistol

As a prepper, you know the need for personal protection is real. And firearms play a big part of that, particularly a defensive pistol. But as a complete newbie looking to purchase a pistol, the options can be a little overwhelming.


  • There are a ton of handguns out there
  • Many of them look the same
  • They’re expensive (even to try out at a range!)
  • Everybody has a different opinion

This guide is written by somebody who’s been in your shoes, and teaches you how to simplify the process process of purchasing a defensive pistol.

That’s right, in the fall of 2012, I braved the confusion on my personal quest to find a solid pistol that makes sense. Not as a target shooter or weekend “plinker”, but as true defensive pistol for personal preparedness.

I made a video discussing my experience, but after posting it I received so many comments and responses, that I thought I’d put together a written version for you guys, with a little more into detail.

It’s called “Pulling the Trigger: 6 Steps to Purchasing a Prepper’s First Pistol.”

In this FREE 13-page guide, I go over:

  • choosing a caliber
  • frame size
  • new in a store vs. used and “private party”
  • concealed carry
  • how much money you should spend
  • and more!

Most importantly, it will help you get the big things right, and not let the little things get blown out of proportion.

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