Like a handful of you know, my little girl has been back in the hospital for the past 5 days.

For as much as that sucks, it isn’t anywhere near as terrifying as it was last summer.

This time, she’s just in the hospital because she’s sick and can’t keep food down. The fact that she can’t keep food down is extremely problematic for her low already blood sugar, so the upshot is we have to have her on an IV, and therefore the hospital.

Even though I’m pretty sure this will set me back a few shekels, I’m really relieved right about now that I have good insurance.

I’ve always kind of felt like insurance is a lose-lose situation (and I kind of still do), but I will say that when given the chance between paying $5,000 or $35,000…. I’ll take the former.

Super Bowl Insurance Lesson from Primary Children's Hospital

Our “treat wagon” complete with puke bucket ice chest!

Insurance can be a complicated and extremely situation-specific thing, and I’m definitely not credentialed to sell you on any kind of plan, so I’m not going to do that.

Today I mostly just wanted to take a quick break out of my Super Bowl Sunday to show you in real time, one particular moment that I’m thrilled that I have insurance, and remind you to at least insure the biggies (life, health, home, car).

After you’re rolling in the Benjis, you can always come back and get policies for your collection of art, firearms, and your 1 million dollar J-Lo booty.

Prep On,



  • One pretty solid piece of insurance to consider is renter’s insurance (obviously for the renters in the group). It can be extremely low cost, and adds a pretty sturdy level of protection for your personal property in the event of a disaster, theft, etc. You can start by checking with the usual suspects: State Farm, Geico, Allstate, Progressive.
  • Jack Spirko recently did a pretty interesting Survival Podcast episode with and insurance ADJUSTER (not somebody trying to sell you a policy, but explaining how claims and reports get sorted out). Check it out here.

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