As some of you know, I recently began working with a firearms manufacturer in Salt Lake City.

Desert Tactical Arms, manufactures extremely high end precision rifle systems for long range shooters. Military snipers, law enforcement officers, and in some cases hunters.

While I value the experience that I’ve had getting to learn about and shoot the guns, I do recognize that just because something has a trigger doesn’t mean it’s part of prepping. I feel that such is the case with long range shooting.

While it does have some practical preparedness application in the area of hunting, most long range shooting is done as part of a tactical operation or just plain old sport.

Having said that, if you guys ARE interested in long range shooting, Desert Tactical Arms does make some pretty incredible rifles.

Additionally, they saw some of my videos on The Daily Prep, and have asked me to jump on camera occasionally to contribute videos to their YouTube channel as well.


Check out the Desert Tactical Arms rifles here.

Check out some of my journey as a new shooter on their YouTube channel here.

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