Exciting News! The Long Term Food Storage Guide for Average Joes is live! Check it out here

In a nutshell, the reason I wanted to make a resource like this, was to offer preppers something really organized and simple looking.

Heaven knows there are plenty of challenges and things to be thinking about when it comes to food storage: lack of funds and space just to name a couple.

My thought was that if I could make a guide that looked simple enough, maybe it would help us all to sub-consciously be a little less intimidated by food storage, and in turn take some action.

I think the guide turned out great–it’s jam-packed with great ideas, and looks terrific!

I hope it helps!


p.s. if you think this is something that your family, friends, or followers might be interested in checking out, a share or blog mention would mean a lot on this one! 🙂

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