Man Made Disasters

Man made disasters are perhaps the most frightening of all, because unlike natural disasters where mankind unites to fight the elements, with man made disasters, the enemy is each other.

War & Terrorism
Unfortunately, violent man made disasters have been a component of society since the beginning of time. People have fought in the name of conquest, defense, plunder, religion, and hundreds of other reasons.

Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Threats (NBC)
With the advances in science over the last couple hundred years, NBC threats have become more sophisticated and at the same time more destructive. These man made disasters, either intended or inadvertent, have the potential for global destruction.

Government Oppression
While many of the world’s governments have noble intentions, unfortunately history has shown that almost all governments have shown corruptness at one time or another. When this happens, government rulers no longer seek to serve the overall good of the people, but rather, their own purposes and agenda.

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