Honest to goodness, the best thing I’ve seen on the web all week is the Off Grid Video Series” from LDS Prepper.

This guy is awesome!

What exactly is it?

Well, while his wife was out of town recently, he decided to go completely off grid for 7 days–No city water, electricity, or gas (I can vouch for waiting till your wife is out of town to try something like this!).

What followed was a series of 7 really good videos, chronicling his adventures to: water his garden using his rain catchments, prepare meals, wash dishes, take showers, flush the toilet, power his fridge, and much more!

He shows all the preps he has in place, talks about how they’re working, and where they could be improved.

LDS Prepper Off Grid

In his 7-Day Off Grid video series, LDS Prepper shows his solar setup, water catchments, generator, Berkey filter and more.

The last of the 7 videos is actually a recap video, where he talks about his “ahas”, take-aways, and resources for viewers to refer to for purchasing similar preps or further investigation.

As somebody who’s attempted similar exercises, I tip my hat to LDS Prepper for his efforts, and learned a lot from watching him. Nice job brother!

If you dig these vids, be sure to leave him a comment or PM letting him know!

Prep On!



Check out the 7 Day Off Grid Experiment Video Series from LDS Prepper here.

His “post-experiment” take aways video (along with tons of links for further investigation)

Check out some similar experiments of my own in my  “Out of The Armchair” playlist.

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