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  • Ben

    You’re absolutely right. BIG GOVERNMENT empowers and makes possible BIG BUSINESS. Government intervention is what causes most of our economic problems. What we have currently is not capitalism. What you have seen in the last three years is NOT capitalism. It’s social planning. Even though there are some capitalist parts, the government still controls them or they control the government. Either way, government empowers and makes possible big business and therefore causes it’s own demise.

  • Rachel

    So, funny story: I actually do know a girl who cheated on my friend with his younger brother, then moved to California with the kid… Gotta love high school drama.
    Also, sure, I see your point about the government being more to blame, however, I see the big business/government relationship more as “briber/bribe-ee”, which in my opinion makes them both equally accountable. I don’t know, what’s your opinion? Is the person who accepts the bribe being more illegal than the person who offers it? Both parties sound dirty to me.

    • The Urbivalist

      Ouch. Talk about low. Who was he more pissed at? :-)

      It’s hard for me to really be a fair judge without knowing all the ins and outs of how the “midnight deals” go down in Washington, but from where I’m sitting now, I do stick to my guns on holding the government more to blame. The government has a lot more power, because it can force us to do things “at the point of a gun.” No corporation is given that power, no matter how sleazy they may be. We pledge allegiance to the government. The government defines our rights. We make sacrifices based on their decisions. Taxes, wars, and monetary policy are all very real things that get decided by elected officials, and we in turn are FORCED to abide by (just to name a few).

      We give our elected officials A LOT of power, and in turn, they swear to uphold that trust under oath. Given the level of power that we trust our government with, and the way they swear to uphold it, I feel that they are much more accountable when issues like this arise.

      Of course, it’s not like the financial execs are saints either, but we don’t have the same commitments to each other that exists in the public sector. Essentially, we can each “fire” each other, the second we decide to stop transacting with them.