So I was browsing the interwebs a couple nights ago, when lo and behold I saw that I had a message on my YouTube channel from a dude named Colby.

Apparently Colby has only recently come across The Daily Prep , and is relatively newer to prepping as well.

He paid me some nice compliments and then asked a question. He said:

“My biggest question with prepping is “how” people do it. I mean do you sent aside a % or a specific $ amount for food each month, water, ammo, land etc. I try to do what I can do, but sometimes I feel when 3-5+ things are pulling at your attention I’m only putting drops into the bucket.”

His question is a great one, that everyone relates to. So many preps to buy, so little cash. And so many other things to spend that limited money on.

For the last year or so, my wife and I have been setting aside prep money on a monthly basis, along with the rest of our budget.

But I thought I would throw that out to the audience to get your advice. Specifically with your finances, how do you guys set your prepping budget? Do you guys put aside a set amount on some kind of regular basis, or is it more ad hoc?

What suggestions could you pass along to Colby?

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