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Since I began The Daily Prep in Aug 2011, I have received mountains of helpful prepping tips, tricks, inspiration and information from you guys. I frequently show and use these in the prepisodes that I make.

I’ve learned that oftentimes however, it’s much more informative and interesting for us to watch you guys do the teaching.

Thanks to my friends at, they’ve provided an easy way for anybody that would like to submit a “Guest Prepisode.”

So now it’s your turn to share! Take a quick second to scan the rules and submit your guest prepisode below.

The Rules:

    1. Has to be an original video for The Daily Prep. Videos that you submit can’t be elsewhere on the web, or YouTube thinks I stole it and things get weird. The downside to this is that you are basically “donating” one of your videos. The upside is that if accepted, your video will go out to all The Daily Prep subscribers, with links to your channel, blog, etc.
    2. Video must be 5 minutes or less.
    3. State your name and that the vid is a “guest prepisode” for The Daily Prep. (You can use a nickname, username, or plain old made up name if you want).
    4. Your video is more likely to be accepted if you include a thorough description with links to appropriate resources–including your stuff as well. If you are spammy about it, I will just delete your submission, block you, and go on with my merry life, but including a link or 2 to where Daily Preppers can get more information on your projects is requested.
    5. Bonus points for being OK with showing your face on cam. Some people may have OPSEC concerns with doing this, which I understand. However, a big focus of The Daily Prep is REALNESS, and being able to see you in the video adds a lot in that department.
    6. At the end of the day, I reserve ultimate say on which videos to post. In the beginning, I will only be featuring guest prepisodes every couple weeks or so. No guarantees that a video you submit will be posted at any certain time, or at all. Doesn’t mean I hate you if I don’t post something.

Submit Your Guest Prepisode Here:


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