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This site is not about fancy gadgets or ultralight backpacking gear (to be honest I couldn’t be even if I wanted to–I don’t have the money to be a gear snob!).

Even so, being prepared means having the tools and supplies you need to handle yourself in a variety of situations.

I focus on the most “prepper” gear out there. Stuff that is functional, affordable, really sturdy and really simple–not necessarily the top of the line in every category.

If you get this and it’s your bag, here’s a few gear review prepisodes you might enjoy:

Alright folks, so I have to be honest…. this video kinda went off the rails… I was sitting down to do it, my wife had the camera in hand, and […]

Due to a recommendation from FerFal at The Modern Survivalist, I recently picked up the Hultafors Heavy Duty Knife. I also recently bought the Cold Steel G.I. Tanto as a […]

A couple of years ago, I did a prepisode on the GMAG salt water battery charger. Try as I might, I was not able to get the unit working well, […]

My car survival kit is something that is constantly being revised, updated, and added to. Not too long ago, I grabbed a handful of things for each kit, so I […]

Even though I still haven’t gotten my concealed carry permit, I recently picked up an “inside the waistband” kydex pistol holster.  I got it from a local Utah company called […]

In this guest prepisode, our friend NotUNotMe briefly touches on the importance of having keychain EDC flashlights. Many people rely on their cell phones as flashlights, but in this video, […]

Are you looking for EDC lights that you can put on your keychain? I have been trying to find one myself that meets the following criteria: is tiny takes AAA […]

Last week I met up with my old buddy JP from Outdoor Element, to check out one of his new creations. It’s called The Kodiak, and is essentially a paracord […]

Have any of you guys seen the “Utility Flame” gel packets yet? I got my hands on a couple of these a few weeks back, and wanted to see how […]

Through a mutual acquaintance, I met the guys from PowerPot last week. If you guys haven’t heard of them yet, they make a really cool thermoelectric charger for preppers that […]

You ever stop and ask yourself “Why carry a knife?” Day after day, as we’re heading out the door, we grab our keys, wallets and our knives. I actually didn’t […]

Last Friday, I picked up a new little EDC knife… the Kershaw Skyline. I was at Blade HQ’s 10th anniversary and storefront grand opening party. The mood was right, and […]

In case you guys can’t remember, these are the dudes that invited me to come field test the Zero Tolerance 350 knife with them last summer, in an “urban bug […]

Last winter, a giant windstorm hit Utah. For several days, some people were without power, and accordingly without heat. Families bundled up in extra clothing and blankets, and the lucky ones […]

Remember my caribou hunt in Alaska? Nobody really knows this, but that video would not have existed without Goal Zero portable solar chargers! My camera (and the backup battery) died […]

Hey Guys, After a long hiatus, I have another gear review for you–this time on the SOL Escape Bivy. I’ve had this bivy for a long time, and even took […]

I wanna know–have you actually used your EDC? If so, let me know in the comments-better yet, send me a video response via YouTube showing me what you usually EDC! […]

So a little while back, I got the following email from a reader: Hi, I just wanted to say first off that I really enjoy your blog.  I like the […]

When I was in Alaska for 12 days, I used a Jetboil stove to do my cooking (i.e. boil water for my Mountain House). They are really efficient, hot burning […]

For today’s “best of web” Monday, I feature a website called Promotive. Simply put, Promotive is a middle man between gear manufacturers and “industry leader consumers.” Promotive provides the platform […]

For the 12 days that I was in Alaska, guess what I was eating… Mountain House! For today’s Gear Review Wednesday, I review freeze dried pouch meals from Mountain House […]

For today’s Gear Review Wednesday, I thought I’d show you guys one of the rifles that Desert Tactical Arms manufacturers. The SRS (Stealth Recon Scout) Covert is a 26″ gun […]

If you guys have been with me long enough, you may have seen the first review I did of the Gerber Prodigy. Unfortunately that review was somehow lost in migrating […]

As preppers, we know that the ability to “eat what you store” is HUGE. It does no good to spend a bunch of time and money planning out your food storage, […]

Last month I caught up with my buddy Ben from Financial Survivalist, and did a little dispersed camping up the road from me. While there I finally got to test […]

What’s up guys, for today’s Gear Review Wednesday, I wanted to give you guys an up close and personal look at the Zero Tolerance 350 folding knife. If you’ve followed […]

It might not be water into wine, but the Hydropak pouches allow you to turn filthy, brackish, disgusting mud into a purified sports drink. How? It uses a reverse osmosis […]

In today’s “Gear Review Wednesday” I give you a look at the M3 Medic Bag, from the guys at 1st Survival Gear. This is a mid-sized first aid/trauma kit, with […]

(2 videos in playlist-second one begins automatically after the 1st is finished.) In today’s “Gear Review Wednesday” I throw to some footage I took a little while ago with the […]

If you haven’t seen the UCO Stormproof Matches in action yet, you definitely need to check these guys out! They are windproof and waterproof–REALLY windproof and waterproof, and fairly inexpensive. […]

It’s Gear Review Wednesday, and today I give you guys a look at my paracord bracelet and key fob from Survival Straps. Although there are many places you can purchase […]

In today’s “Gear Review Wednesday”, I give you an up close and personal look at my micro EDC. And when I say “micro”, I mean SUPER micro. If any of […]

Gear Review Wednesday, and today I give you a look at the Timbuk2 Messenger Bag. Messenger bags have some SERIOUS advantages over backpacks and other bags for everyday purposes, primarily […]

In today’s Gear Review Wednesday, I give you a look at the 36 hour emergency candle. It’s made of liquid paraffin wax, and features: smokeless and odorless burning adjustable wick […]

Gear Review Wednesday, and today I’m giving you a look at the handy little Pocket Pal, by Smith’s Knife Sharpeners While perhaps not the absolute best sharpener out there, it’s […]

For today’s Gear Review Wednesday, I thought I’d give you guys a look at my most recent knife, the Pry Bar Mora. This is the knife that many of you […]

Gear Review Wednesday, and today I thought I’d give you guys a look at my car survival kit.  With Christmas and New Years just around the corner, a lot of […]

Today’s Gear Review Wednesday gives you a closer look at The Grabber Reusable Space Blanket. This is something I used with Cody From Boise in my trip to Idaho (Prepisode […]

Gear review Wednesday, and today I’m checking out the “Candle In A Can.” What do you think?

Gear Review Wednesday! Today we’re checking out some of what makes the Hi Tec Altitude Ultra WPi a great boot. Having weathered a couple “mock bug outs” and some seriously […]

In today’s Gear Review Wednesday, I give you a look at the Coleman Magnesium Firestarter, available at Wal Mart, Big 5, or probably any other sporting goods store. The concept […]

It’s “Gear Review Wednesday”, and this time, I’m giving you an up close and personal look at my trusty EDC knife, the Gerber Paraframe 1.  If I don’t make this […]

G24 Innovations Solar Curve I got a new toy! The itty-bitty G24 Innovations Power Curve solar unit. It’s a BOB-sized solar panel, that definitely won’t power a house, but works […]

What is the best way to carry 6 feet of paracord with you everyday? Your shoes. I recently had the idea to scrap my flimsy shoelaces and replace them with […]

Today is gear review Wednesday, and at long last, it’s time for a guest video. J-Web, friend and long time member of The Urbivalist Community, recently picked up a pretty […]

The tights Prepisode. Since I did my 72 hour urban bug out earlier this year, I’ve received a handful of comments and emails from Cody in Boise (Urbivalist reader and […]

VER-SA-TIL-I-TY.  Say it with me folks. Simply put, the Aquamira Frontier Pro is truly one of the MOST bang for your buck pieces of survival gear out there. Not only does […]

The Border Guard folder is definitely not the prettiest in the bunch.  Plus it’s too heavy and long to be a good EDC knife. But with it’s seat belt cutter, […]

Water into wine? How about salt water into electricity? That’s what this crazy little battery charger by Infratech does. In this Prepisode, I test the unit, called the “Greenivative Magic” […]

Field trip Friday! This time, to talk a little firearms with my good friend Seth, of utahguns.com. If you still have not dipped a toe in the world of firearms, […]

After posting Prepisode 18, on bulk water storage, I had a little something brought to my attention.  Many garden hoses, in fact MOST garden hoses, are not recommended as “drinking […]

If you don’t have enough space to store a 55 gallon water barrel, I feel your pain.  Prior to moving to my Utah abode, my wife and I lived in […]

Why didn’t I think of inventing the 4-in-1 Emergency Tool? It’s simple, inexpensive, and it serves multiple functions (way more than 4!). They assist in turning off gas, water, and […]

In the eternal order of things, water is sacred. He who is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him (and he may actually […]

I’ve held out for long enough. It’s time to commit to carrying at least a few items EVERY single day. To this point, I’ve just never been able to stomach […]

A couple days ago, I revisited the desert island question. If I had to choose 1 cutting edge in my bug out bag, would it be a fixed blade knife […]

Wet willy ear plugs, peeing in back alleys, and crapping in bushes–If the footage is a little shaky, if I suck on screen, or if there are a million other […]

In the middle of my corporate ladder climbing career (which lasted less than 3 years), I read the story of a young boy who single handedly sailed the world in […]

I must’ve been good this year, cause I had a treasure under the tree. Although I’ve sold them for quite a while, it wasn’t until this last Christmas that I […]

In my search to find the best urban survival fixed blade knife, I’ve come across all kinds. The debate is an ongoing on–carbon or stainless? Tanto/combat vs. hunting blade? Length, […]

‘Tis the Season! The tree at the Rockefeller Center has been lit, Christmas music is on the radio, and egg nog is in stores–in case you haven’t noticed, the Holidays […]

Why are people so in love this kit? Is it the quality red bag it comes packaged in? Is it the smokin’ $80 price point? Is it the mountain of […]