Happy Labor Day peeps!

Hope you guys are soaking up the unofficial last day of summer with some time in the water and some grilled goodness.

Fix Us” is a little contest I came across a couple days ago, and thought I’d share with you guys.

Essentially it’s a contest for users to propose solutions to problems that our country faces in 5 specific areas: economy, immigration, social issues, health care and foreign policy.

I like it because it makes us accountable for all the griping we do. Instead of just complaining about the current policies, propose your own.

And on top of it, the ideas that receive the most “agrees” in each category will receive $1000 to donate to the non-profit of your choosing.

My challenge is to take a couple minutes and jot down an idea in each category. We’re 2 months out from Election Day–this is a great time to put into a couple short sentences how you would write the laws.



Official “Fix Us” contest site. Complete rules and details for submissions.

Live Citizen–Sponsor of the Fix Us contest.

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