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What’s up guys! So I’m heading down to Las Vegas, NV to catch a couple days of the annual SHOT Show (in case you don’t speak “man”, that’s Shooting Hunting […]

Have you ever shot at a cowboy town? Ton o fun!! Recently, a couple buddies and I got to do just that down at the North Springs Shooting Center in […]

Allow me to demystify something for you–if you have any kind of blog or social presence dedicated to prepping, you get invites to prepper tv show casting calls. There’s nothing […]

A huge part of being truly self sufficient is learning how to get food from the earth. And for me, part of that means practicing a little survival fishing. I […]

If you’ve watched my videos for any length of time, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen guest appearances from my friend and fellow prepper Financial Ben. We’ve done mock […]

Most people would agree that a good prepper should stockpile ammunition. But as we know all too well, ammo is hard to come by these days. In particular, 9mm is […]

If you guys have followed me for any length of time,  you know that I’m in love with the idea of a shipping container house. Admittedly there is a lot […]

In case you guys can’t remember, these are the dudes that invited me to come field test the Zero Tolerance 350 knife with them last summer, in an “urban bug […]

Confession: My Utah Duck Hunting adventure happened in December of last year, and I’m just now getting around to posting…sorry. It’s funny how sometimes you can go for years without […]

As many of you know, I recently purchased a Smith & Wesson M&P (Military & Police) 9mm, in the compact frame size. Due to the busy Holiday Season, the birth […]

Alright guys, here’s what’s up: I’m in my “swanky” Harrah’s hotel room in Vegas getting ready for SHOT show 2013. Although I’m down here with my company (Desert Tactical Arms), […]

Remember my caribou hunt in Alaska? Nobody really knows this, but that video would not have existed without Goal Zero portable solar chargers! My camera (and the backup battery) died […]

While I’m on the road, I thought I’d give you guys 3 easy things you can do when staying in hotels that will put you in a better position to […]

For today’s Field Trip Friday, I throw to some footage from last week with some of the guys from Desert Tactical Arms. We had a blast (pun intended), and IMHO, […]

For today’s “Field Trip Friday”, it’s time to talk chickens. My long time friend and fellow prepper, Gregg Hale, recently picked up a few hens. For their housing, he built […]

Last week I was able to hook up with my good buddy Ben from Financial Survivalist. He recently purchased a property that he will be developing into his own little […]

At long last guys, I finally got my footage from the caribou hunt uploaded! For those of you who might not have known, I was given the opportunity through my […]

Some of you guys may remember me doing a couple prepisodes on all the fires we had in Utah this summer . Well, nature has struck again. Last week, Saratoga […]

In today’s “Field Trip Friday” I throw to some footage I recently got with fellow YouTubers Doc Tac Dad and The Late Boy Scout. We were all up shooting at […]

Last week I was in San Diego to go to a wedding and hang out with friends. Per usual, I had an awesome time there. We got the boat out […]

As many of you guys saw in Prepisode 185, last weekend I went without power for 72 hours. Well…here’s the recap! It’s a little long and somewhat dark (as would […]

If you’re not afraid to get a little gnarly, this is for you! In Prepisode 170, I invited you all to help me create my next scenario-based challenge…and now I’m […]

(2 videos in playlist-second one begins automatically after the 1st is finished.) In today’s “Gear Review Wednesday” I throw to some footage I took a little while ago with the […]

If you haven’t been to Harbor Freight, you’re missing out. Harbor Freight Tools is more than just another hardware store that sells nails and PVC pipe–it’s a man mall. Inside […]

Last week I went to the Crossroads of The West gun show. I had a great time, but as always, found a ton of weird stuff being sold there that […]

Field Trip Friday! Today I take you along with me to a square foot gardening class taught at my local hardware store. Although it was a little bit “high level” […]

In today’s Field Trip Friday, I take you along to the Preparedness Expo in Orem, UT. There were some interesting presenters, but to be honest, I was a little less […]

In preparation for this year’s, garden, today I take you with me to one of my favorite places in Utah County–Cook’s Farm and Greenhouse. With only 8 weeks until my […]

In today’s “Field Trip Friday” prepisode, I give you guys a look at the mock disaster scenario I participated in last week with my CERT unit. CERT stands for Community […]

Looking for a way to save some money on preps?  In today’s Field Trip Friday prepisode, I give you a look at the kind of RIDICULOUS savings you can get […]

Field Trip Friday! On the coattails of yesterday’s prepisode about Scott Williams Bug Out Vehicles book, today I give you some food for thought about your bug out plan. Plus, […]

Field Trip Friday! Remember the mock bug out in the fall that I did? Well, I just did another one in the snow. My good buddy Ben from Financial Survivalist invited […]

Merry Christmas from the whole Urbivalist Fam! Hope you are all spending it safe and with loved ones. -Dan

For today’s “Field Trip Friday” I hit the road with my buddy Jasen for some lessons in fishing. Depending on your area, fishing can be a great way to secure […]

(apologize for the tardiness–I had some technical difficulties and could not get this uploaded Fri. eve…) As many of you are probably aware, the western U.S. has been hit with […]

Are you HAM radio certified? It’s “Field Trip Friday”, and today I’m taking you with me to the HAM radio licensing class… It was a mind blowing amount of information […]

It’s “Field Trip Friday”, and today’s a special one. Throughout my journey as an urbivalist, I’ve slowly begun to realize that knowing how to defend yourself is a very real […]

It’s field trip Friday! And at long last, it’s time to give you guys a look at a really cool field trip I took a couple weeks ago. On this […]

Field Trip Friday! Remember Seth from Utah Guns? (appeared in films such as Prepisode 34) Well, I recently got an invite from him to go shoot. So we met up at […]

If I were a magician, this would be my final act.  Seriously. Maybe you guys have seen this before, but until last week, I had NO idea it was possible. […]

Road Trip! After the 72 hour urban bug out that I did in downtown San Diego last May, Cody In Boise had been reaching out to me to come up and […]

For those of you who hadn’t heard, the Self Reliance Expo came to Salt Lake City last weekend.  I swung by for a little bit on Friday, and was able […]

Field trip Friday! This time, to talk a little firearms with my good friend Seth, of utahguns.com. If you still have not dipped a toe in the world of firearms, […]

It’s time to get silly. On the coattails of finishing Cody Lundin’s 98.6: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive, I thought I would attempt a little experiment. In his […]

Wet willy ear plugs, peeing in back alleys, and crapping in bushes–If the footage is a little shaky, if I suck on screen, or if there are a million other […]

Disclaimer: This post is not a lesson on CPR. As always, people acting in a medical capacity should receive training from professionals. I’m not responsible for anything, don’t blame me […]

On a recent car camp out with some friends, a buddy and I decided to light the fire for the kids in true survivalist fashion–with flint and steel. The idea […]

When the cat’s away, the mice will play. Since my wife’s out of town, I thought I’d let my hair down and have some fun (all 2 inches of it). […]