Daily Prep Episode 169: FerFal and Selco

When I was looking over some of my past prepisodes, I almost couldn’t believe that I haven’t mentioned a couple of my personal favs on BOWM yet.

Fernando “FerFal” Aguirre of The Modern Survivalist, and Selco of SHTF School.

These guys rule.

Why? Because both of them actually LIVED through long term collapse/survival situations. FerFal in Argentina, and Selco in the Balkan. On most blogs and forums, what you get is a lot of ideas. But these guys just tell you straight up what actually happened.

They both have a ton of posts that you can check out. FerFal has a forum and a YouTube channel too, although I have to warn you that many of his videos are VERY long and painfully boring (like some of mine I know… :-)

Selco primarily does written posts, and he also has a paid course component. His English sucks, but his stuff is so good that it really doesn’t take anything away. Plus he has really cool photos on every single blog post.

I’ve exchanged a couple of emails with FerFal, but other than that, I really don’t have any personal connection or relationship with either of these guys. I just find both their stories fascinating, so I thought I’d pass them along!


The Modern Survivalist (FerFal’s Site)

Surviving The Economic Collapse (FerFal’s Book)

SHTF School (Selco)

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  • Ozzie2zzs

    Ferfal reminds me of TOKYO ROSE. Always speakig bad about their country. how would you feel is someone is always putting down your country? And then goes and emigrates to the side that just had a war with your homeland. Is that looks o.k. to you? (just like tokyo Rose). It would be a bonus to your enemy, and the enemy wont have to pay him.

    There are guys so stupid that they give up THEIR RIGHT TO KEEP ARMS just for the chance to live among other people they admire.

    This guy never say to google Bariloche (and see how it looks like a third world country) or many other cities in Argentina. Some of them are better looking then the country he went to.

    Or go for crimes statistics. L.A. California, chicago Ill., NYC., Maimi Fla….Just any of these cities have bigger crime statistic than the entire country of Argentina.

    He is a young person and he does not have military training and he ran to some safer ground…. well theres is something good on him…He can write and he can convince people to visit his blog ( full of ads).

    To me he is just another business man

    • http://www.thedailyprep.com/ Urbivalist Dan

      So let me see if I understand this correctly–you DON’T like FerFal? Ok. What would’ve been more interesting to me is if you would’ve talked about what YOU have experienced. Not about somebody else.

      The whole reason that I like FerFal and Selco is because they talk about what they have actually seen and done. I’m sick of people talking about what they “would” do or what somebody else “should” do. I explained this in my video, and then you just went and did the exact same thing to slam FerFal.

      Go and actually do something yourself.

      If you live in Argentina Ozzie, tell me about YOUR experience there, why YOU are staying, about the condition of things where YOU live, or if YOU have military training. Don’t sit there in front of your computer telling me how somebody else should’ve made decisions.

      Then come back and talk to me.

      …of course…I am a “young person” who doesn’t have “military training” so what do I know? haha (and yes, I am a business man too) :-)

      • Cody in Boise

        I have to agree with Dan. Why is it bad to capitalize on your experiences and gained knowledge? My guess is that Ozzie would be part of the occupy movement. In my opinion, which is no more valid than anybody else’s, if you can find a way to make a living based on the experiences of your life you should do it. And who are we to doubt or question their motives?
        I love my country, and nobody would question that who knows me, but if your goals and needs in life are not being meet here, then I will not begrudge you if you leave for another country. In fact I would rather you did than instead of try to change my country. It’s the same way I feel about the military. I have served for 10 years in the USArmy and love it. It is a place where I fit and can excel. But I do not think that everybody should serve. That would weaken our forces. Diversity is NOT ALWAYS a good thing.

        Im off my soap box. Ozzie, I didnt mean to come down hard on ya. But you touched a nerve. Hopefully your able to take what Dan and I said with a grain of salt and if you see some truth to what we said, learn from it. If not s orry I miss judged you.