Happy Monday!

In today’s BOWM, I wanted to throw to good ol FEMA! FEMA’s Independent Study Courses offer a TON of information on preparing for and dealing with emergencies.

I share this resource with the following caveat: several of these courses are not really geared toward individual civilian preps, but are instead used for training government officials, and large scale risk management efforts at the Federal and State level.

Nevertheless, it is interesting to see what is really “on the books” as far as FEMA’s standard of protocol for dealing with large scale emergencies.

In addition to these however, there are several courses that ARE tailored specifically for members of the general public. Just one more resource to add to the list…

Happy browsing!


FEMA’s Independent Study Entire Course List

Citizen’s Guide To Disaster Assistance

Are You Ready?: An In-depth Guide To Citizen Preparedness

Household Hazardous Materials: A Guide For Citizens

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