Plain and simple, water is liquid life. So it’s imperative that your emergency water storage and security plan has a few critical components: storage, re-supply, and purification. This guide covers each of these in detail, plus a few more!

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Get In The Water Storage Game

A 2-liter water storage tree is a smart way to keep small quantities of water.

A 2-liter water storage tree is a smart way to keep small quantities of water.

Store 30 gallons of water per person in your family. A good rule of thumb is to budget 1 gallon of water per day per person. So 30 gallons of water is essentially 30 days. This takes into account not only drinking water, but also a little water for washing hands, washing dishes, etc.

Don’t forget about your pets. If you have larger dogs, store a half gallon per day for each of them.

Store roughly half of your water in smaller containers, like 2 liter soda bottles, or gallon jugs.

The other half can be stored in larger containers, like 55-gallon drums. Keeping half of your water in smaller containers allows you to easily transport your water easily to other parts of the house, or even take some of it on the road with you, if you need to bug out.

Additionally, a 5-gallon bucket is a really handy thing to have for transporting the water you pump from your 55-gallon drums. It’s small enough to feasibly carry, yet holds enough to last for a little while.

55 gallon water barrels are inexpensive and versatile!

55 gallon water barrels are inexpensive and versatile!

There are a variety of purification methods you can use, and to be downright honest with you, I don’t care which one you use. I’m more concerned that you get your 30 gallons of water per person put away. For complete details on purifying water, how and where to store, and other helpful do’s and don’ts, refer here.

For now though, you’re done. Congratulations, for less than $100, you are now more prepared than 90% of people. Boom. Check it off the list (until we visit your water plan in more detail in the next section).

When it comes to water security, a rain catchment system is some of the lowest hanging fruit out there.

Create a Simple Rainwater Harvesting System

This can be done extremely simply with a rainwater barrel that can be purchased online or at hardware stores. There are also a lot of great DIY solutions.

Harvesting rainwater is a really simple step that can actually save you several hundred gallons (or even thousands) of water a year in many climates.

In and of itself, harvesting rainwater is not your end all, be-all water security plan, but it is a REALLY simple way to get started.

Incorporate a Well, Pond, Spring, Or Other Source of Permanent Water Supply

As I said earlier, water is liquid life. The more you can have of it, the better. In the steps above, you worked to acquire water storage, and a way to at least resupply some of your water through rain water harvesting.

Having a water well is the ultimate in water security. With it you can draw water for the people, the animals, and the plants on your property.

Having a water well is the ultimate in water security. With it you can draw water for the people, the animals, and the plants on your property.

Now it’s time to invest deeper into your emergency water security plan by having a well or pond dug out (or both). If you have natural springs or streams on your property, these can be developed to become more usable water resources for you.

Water Purification

In addition to emergency water storage and re-supply, the last aspect you need to consider is water purification. Having solid water purification measures in place give you the flexibility to make use of a variety of water sources in the event of an emergency.

So, what types of water purifiers?

Some of the most resilient water purifiers around are gravity fed filters. There are no moving parts, and the filtration elements seldomly need to be replaced.

In particular, the gravity filtration systems manufactured by Berkey are some of the highest quality in the space. In addition to being a good building block in your water security plan, these puppies also provide an excellent solution for people looking to make harvested rainwater drinkable (do your own research first!). I have personally used a Berkey water filter for all the drinking water in my household, and have loved it.


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