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A giant part of my journey towards being prepared and self sufficient, is trying to learn how to do things for myself.

After all, that’s pretty much what self sufficient means isn’t it?

Here’s a smattering of prepisodes where I tackle some DIY projects.

Although it’s late in the 2014 season already, today I wanted to give you 6 big helps for pruning an apple tree (or any fruit tree for that matter). If […]

So where is the best smoke detector placement in your home? Short answer….it depends (can’t be too easy right?). For starters, how big is your home and how many levels […]

Once upon a time, WAY back in Prepisode #5, I showed how you could make a simple water distiller, using inexpensive items that are small enough to fit in your […]

A couple months back, I was watching LDS Prepper’s videos on his Mittleider Gardening method, and got the idea for my own raised bed watering system. Essentially, the idea of […]

Have you ever tried to make a handgun out of a mousetrap or fuel from water? Well, next time you are, look no further than Grant Thompson, The King of […]

Like many “urbivalists”, living in small spaces, I am always on the lookout for ways to maximize available space. So I perked up a while back, when I saw an idea […]

Now that my garden has officially kicked the bucket for the season, I’ve decided to try my hand at a little sprouting. Sprouts are cheap, easy to grow, and contain […]

Last weekend, my wife and I bought a used car. Nothing fancy (like a Dodge Dart), but just a little “grocery getter commuter car.” My little brother had a few […]

Today’s prepisode is a simple DIY for anybody looking to grow some potatoes (or sweet potatoes). I’m assuming that many people already know this, but for those who don’t–here you […]

Because of my move, I’m not getting near the jump I wanted to on getting my garden in, but better late than never right? (some of you guys may remember […]

I’m 4 days into my week long “no running water challenge“, and due to a little inspiration I gathered from Brooklyn Prepper, today I made a sink setup that will […]

Hobo stoves are a classic urban survival solution to making a cook fire. They require very little surface area, provide a level surface for cooking, and display almost no flame […]

A couple weeks ago, our good friend Doc Tarboro sent me an email with photos of how you can very simply make an oil burning lamp from materials around your […]

After last Tuesday’s prepisode on water purification, I had a couple comments from our good friend J-Web asking about water filtration using things around the house. It reminded me that […]

In today’s prepisode, I give you a look at how to make a PVC pipe micro cache. Although everybody might not agree with me, I feel that there is a […]

Today I take a look at water purification, and specifically “double purification.” Quite simply, double purification means using 2 different methods (i.e. boiling and filtration, or chemical purification and filtration). […]

It’s time for an experiment. At the Self Reliance Expo a few weeks ago, Jack Spirko told me that: rat trap + tree trunk + peanut butter = squirrel city I’m […]

Find North Without A Compass So you’re lost in the wilderness without your trusty compass? Fear not, there are other ways of telling. Thanks to Ben from Financial Survivalist, I […]

Cleaning A Hydration Bladder My hydration bladder has had water residue in it since I went camping with Cody, and after a couple weeks it’s starting to get kinda skanky. […]

Indoor Vegetable Garden The growing season in Utah is all but over. But I’m not ready to stop growing. So at long last, I finally put together my first indoor […]

If I were a magician, this would be my final act.  Seriously. Maybe you guys have seen this before, but until last week, I had NO idea it was possible. […]

Could that really be possible? If so, how? Are we talking about hiring a 9-year old? Yes, it’s possible, and no, I’m not talking about hiring underage. I’m talking about […]

Whether you want a website to sell things, create a family blog, or just have your contact info and an online “portfolio”, there is an abundance of technology at your […]

It’s time to revisit the Totin’ Chip. The other day, in the midst of making the dead fall trap (Prepisode 17), I discovered that my trusty Gerber Prodigy was incredibly […]

We have a new roomate. As of about a week ago, my wife and I started having mouse sightings. After setting a couple dcon traps in vain, I decided it’s […]

If you’re looking for a good way to create a hidden stash, look no more. A hollowed out book safe may be just the thing for you. Although I’ve always […]

Water is liquid life. Everyone knows that we can’t last long without it. But what do you do if you have to purify salt water? Boiling it will only make […]

On a recent car camp out with some friends, a buddy and I decided to light the fire for the kids in true survivalist fashion–with flint and steel. The idea […]

When the cat’s away, the mice will play. Since my wife’s out of town, I thought I’d let my hair down and have some fun (all 2 inches of it). […]