In today’s “Best of Web Monday”, I talk about what is perhaps the most controversial survival site out there. is a 16 year old survival forum that requires members to go through an application process, pay $5 a month, and regularly contribute via original articles and comments on others–or else be kicked off.

The members of the forum claim that these preventive measures do a lot to filter out “armchair survivalists” or wannabes. And that the content is more thorough and exhaustive then you could find anywhere else. Plus, with the motto of “Facta Non Verba” (Deeds, Not Words), members are kept to a much stricter code of only posting things they’ve personally tried and know for a fact–not opinions.

But it also has the reputation among ex-members of being a snotty little elitest club, with a moderator who has a trigger finger for banning people that challenge his authority or point out shortcomings.

Is Alpha Rubicon a survival cult? You be the judge.

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