Daily Prep Episode 48: Self Reliance Expo

For those of you who hadn’t heard, the Self Reliance Expo came to Salt Lake City last weekend. 

I swung by for a little bit on Friday, and was able to catch up with a handful of folks from various organizations within the survival/self sufficiency industry, including:

Big thanks to everyone who was willing to take a second to chat. Many of these guys have been inspirations to me!



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  • http://www.richestmaninzion.com Ben

    Who filmed this for you? Guy couldn’t keep the camera still! I think he has ADD because he got distracted a few time too! 😛 It makes me feel better about the time that I took you snowboarding and made you take pictures of me all day. LOL.

    • http://www.urbansurvivaltools.com The Urbivalist

      Footage looks great! Really wish I had a mic for some of this, but you make do with what you have right? It was a fun day. Thanks for meeting up Ben.

  • J-WeB

    Good stuff! Thanks for your hard work interviewing. My physics professor has about 30 of heat packs similar to those (same concept). He passed them out to us, and they are pretty awesome. I’m not sure where you can buy them locally, but I’m positive some store has to carry them.

    Props to Tami for the most enthusiastic and focused presentation. One thing that could have been better in this video is audio, but it’s not a professional production so who cares. It was good for what it was!

    • http://www.urbansurvivaltools.com The Urbivalist

      Appreciate it brotha. I really wish I had a mic, but my Kodak playsport actually doesn’t even have a spot for microphone input. Need to upgrade soon.

      Tami really was like straight off the food network or something-the perfect exhibitor, great energy, and just a cool lady. I need to pick up a couple of those hand warmers–I was kind of bummed that they only stay hot for like an hour, but I’m sure they would probably be fine. There was a ton of cool stuff there, I wish I would have had more time to soak in some presentations.

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