Daily Prep Episode 34: Firearms Q&A With Seth of Utahguns.com

Field trip Friday!

This time, to talk a little firearms with my good friend Seth, of utahguns.com. If you still have not dipped a toe in the world of firearms, you’re not alone. I’m there too. But it’s time to get started!

Join us as we discuss:

  • What a survivalist’s first couple of firearms should be
  • Feeling about the 9mil vs. 45 debate (Stopping power vs. ammo price…Does the 45 really have that much more stopping power?)
  • Steps to purchasing a gun
  • Ways to get the best deals on guns-pawn shops, online, trade shows, certain sales
  • Biggest mistakes that newbies make when getting into firearms

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  • Shea

    12 gauge at #1 for survival? No range, SLOW reloading, ammo takes up a lot of room per round, inconsistent patterns. I recommend checking out Magpul’s Art of Dynamics Shotgun if you are really thinking about a shotgun in a tactical or survival environment, they really push the platform to the limit and half way through the 10 hours you just want to hug your AR. I love my shotguns both auto and pumps, but they stay in the house or in my safe.

    “Most .45 are single stack?” Not true at all, really only the 1911 is single stacked.

    As for the 9mm vs .45acp this has been debated forever and will always be fought over. I doubt my opinion needs to be added to it.

    Great video! Solid work and excellent points.

    • http://www.urbansurvivaltools.com The Urbivalist

      I hear what you’re saying. For me the range of a shotgun doesn’t seem like as much of an issue as the capacity/reload. Still though, I think Seth’s shotgun pick makes sense as a good first firearm someone would get for home defense. Cheap and bigger margin for error. 22 seems like it would probably be the best for small game, but a shotgun would do nicely as well (and better for fowl).

      With some of the issues that you pointed out, what would be your pick for the first firearm an urbivalist should get (and why)?

  • http://www.amanobath.com/ J-WeB

    Awesome prepisode! I originally wanted the mossberg 500, but I didn’t want to go overboard and buy a gun I was uncomfortable shooting while just getting into the arena. I just recently bought my first gun, a Mossberg 702 plinkster (.22 cal). I wanted something that could potentially hunt small game if the need ever arises. I know people say one gun is better than another at home defense, but honestly if you’re pointing ANY gun at someone they are most likely going to turn away and run. In the heat of the moment, no burglar is going to care about the caliber. Once you shoot the first round they are going to be fleeing like a bat out of hell. Anyways, I decided on the 702. Got it for $117, $128 out the door at walmart. I bought a bushnell 4×32 scope for $30, and it looks pretty sweet. Took about 30 minutes to dial it in and shoot a plastic bottle cap at 25 yards, and it’s the first time I have shot a gun since I was a child. I like the fact that it is an auto-loader, and if need be I can use it in a defense situation. It can unload 10 rounds in about 4 seconds or less. Mossberg also sells a 25 round mag, although little overkill for a .22. I’ll probably get it anyways though. It is probably the worst choice gun in home defense, but the worst choice gun is better than no gun at all.

    • http://www.urbansurvivaltools.com The Urbivalist

      Great point about the home defense situation. Probably not a lot of bad guys stopping to ask questions when they have a barrel leveled at them and are taking lead. Nice job on picking up the .22. Perfect for the small game, and at least gets you pulling some triggers (super cheap ammo too)!

      • http://www.amanobath.com/ J-WeB

        Yeah the ammo is awesome. 550 rounds for $20. It fires the cheap rounds just as good as the more expensive ones.

        I do want a handgun though. I think that will be next, as I’m moving to Tallahassee soon. It’s ghetto there.

  • http://www.redileaf.com Ben

    Though 12 gage may not be best for a battle situation, I think it would be best for a survival situation. I did a lot of research before buying my first gun the Mossburg 535 field and deer combo. With interchangeable barrels I can hunt anything from pheasant to grizzly at 100+ yards. It is pump action with 5+1 unless I get an extension. My second gun was a Kel-tec p3at. It’s a small .380 semi auto with 6+1. I ordered the magazine extension that makes it 7+1. I chose this gun because of it’s size and reliability. I wanted something that would be small enough that I would ALWAYS carry.

    • http://www.urbansurvivaltools.com The Urbivalist

      Nice snag on the Kel-tec carrier. I’m interested in some of the particulars of carrying-a whole separate discussion though I know. Have you actually hunted with your combo before? I’ll have to check out some video reviews of it.

      What’s the next purchase? Carbine? Another handgun?

      • http://www.redileaf.com Ben

        Next Purchase; bow. I think my combo shotgun and my hand gun cover a lot of what you need guns for. However, as a survivalist ammo could quickly become an issue if you ever go “off the grid.” To solve that problem, a bow. Arrows can be reused if not lost or broken. Worse come to worse you can make new arrows. I’m sure it’s very difficult without purchased materials but so is starting a fire by rubbing sticks.

        • http://www.urbansurvivaltools.com The Urbivalist

          Good point about the bow, although they always seem pretty big and bulky to me. I would hate to have to carry one around if I was in a situation where I was hoofing it.

          One thing that I have heard bow hunters say though, is that if they miss, sometimes they can get off another shot or 2 before the prey ever hears. Less running away, and less adrenaline being pumped through them.

          Pretty cool…

  • http://www.utahpreppers.com Mike

    The Utah Preppers are going to the gun show this weekend. Contact me if you would like to meet us up there.


    • http://www.urbansurvivaltools.com The Urbivalist

      Didn’t realize it was this weekend! Sounds great. I will contact you and see if we can make it happen.

      Thanks Mike!

  • http://survivaldiaries.com/ Henry

    I’m still waiting for my Massachusetts LTC.

    My first three guns will be a .22 handgun, .22 rifle, and a 12 gauge rifle. The handgun I went with is small but still fits well in my meat paw. Since Massachusetts is a conceal carry state, I wanted one easily concealable. A .22 isn’t much by way of stopping power, but a gun is a gun and there is still an intimidation factor there.

    Also, Massachusetts has some strict hunting laws. Most hunting can only be done using a shotgun – when guns are involved. For me, hunting would be focused on turkey and ducks.

    • http://www.urbansurvivaltools.com The Urbivalist

      The 22 handgun has got to have some giant capacity mags. Maybe not a bear hunter, but like J-Web said up above-probably not a lot of bad guys that are going to stick around and ask questions once a barrel is pointed and they’re taking on lead.

      Hopefully you get squared away before the season is totally over.

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