The Collapse of Society and Government

The Collapse of Society and Government

There have been many movies made and books written about what the collapse of society and government may be like. The truth is though, that until it actually happens to you, it’s hard to imagine what would take place in your situation. Even so, there have been glimpses enough to know a little about the pandemonium that exists when law and order are temporarily out the window.

Unavailability of Electricity and Fuel
What is a society without it’s most precious resources? Our lifestyles are so dependent on electricity and fuel, that we hardly know what to do when the power goes out for 5 minutes.

Food and Water Shortage
Few things can cause as much mass hysteria as a society without food or water. In a matter of a couple short hours, total chaos can take over where law and order hasĀ  reigned supreme.

Monetary Collapse
Monetary collapse can stem from hyperinflation, deflation, monetary manipulation, worldwide economic depression, or a combination of these factors. While the causes may be many however, the results virtually all point to the collapse of society and government.

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