For today’s “Best of Web” Monday, I throw to a really cool community of tiny houses in Washington D.C, called Boneyard Studios.

It’s headquarters are located in what was essentially a leftover lot in the middle of the urban sprawl. Pretty cool!

Through some zoning work and a lot of creativity, Boneyard Studios developed a site where there are 3 tiny homes, a studio, and a productive garden.

On the Boneyard website, you’ll find some really cool resources including:

  • Descriptions and photos of each of the 3 tiny homes on the property
  • Information on the rainwater collection, septic, cooling, and insulation systems used in tiny home construction
  • A list of events and workshops you can take part in (if you are local to the D.C. area, and care to attend)
  • Their regularly updated blog
  • An FAQ that covers information and concepts of tiny homes in general
  • Much more!

Why Preppers Need to Pay Attention to Boneyard Studios

Some of us may hear people talk about “tiny homes” and write it off as some trendy, hipster movement. While I do agree that it is cooler than ever to be sustainable, there are some legitimate things to be learned from tiny houses.

Tiny houses offer a look at one way to escape some of the negatives of inherent to conventional 3/2 suburban living. While some people find them appealing for different reasons, the most compelling advantage that tiny homes offer to preppers is financial.

That’s right, a tiny house costs less to purchase, uses less to maintain it, and in some cases, doesn’t even need a piece of property to go along with it.

Whether you decide to go the route of Boneyard Studios (or a tiny home in general for that matter) or not, it’s educational to see one version of how people have managed to cut living expenses, and still maintain a pretty cool (albeit different) lifestyle.

So I’m curious–have you ever considered a tiny home? Could you live in one?

Let me know in the comments!



Matchbox house

Pera House

Minim House

Check out the show “Tiny House Nation” on FYI tv.

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