As the 2013 summer gardening season wears on, I’ve been able to harvest a pretty good amount of fruit.

Tomatoes have really been on for the past several weeks, and starting to get some broccoli, beets, and herbs.

Today I wanted to give you a quick look at some of the recent goodness from the garden, and also throw out a question.

“What is your biggest gardening takeaway from 2013?”

Let me know in the comments!

I’ll tell you what mine is–the realization that all veggies are not created equal! They have very different requirements for pruning, solar exposure, pest treatment, when and how to harvest, when to plant, etc.

Next time around I want to get into more of the specific details of a handful of veggies and really maximize yields!

What’s yours?

Also, is anybody doing any extended season/winter gardening stuff this year?

Prep On,


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