If you’ve watched my videos for any length of time, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen guest appearances from my friend and fellow prepper Financial Ben.

We’ve done mock bug outs (MBOs) together, met Jack Spirko together at an expo a couple years back, and generally keep each other posted about any new preps or self sufficient goodness that we’re getting into.

Last week, I met up with Ben for a couple hours to check out the progress he’s making on his “mini homesteading survivalism.” Some of you may remember the last time we met up, it was snowy and a lot of his projects were on hold. Since then however, he’s made a TON of progress.

I got him to briefly show us around and explain some of what he’s been up to, including:

Being on Ben’s property makes me jealous that I don’t have my own little plot of earth to begin working at the moment, but it also reminds me just how much work it can all be. Big cheers to Ben for all he’s been able to accomplish.

Don’t be fooled–Ben often surprises people because he looks so young, but the guy has legitimately accomplished a lot. He has a degree in Economics and is a pretty savvy investor. In addition to being a real estate agent by day, he also has 5 rentals of his own.

Hope you enjoy a little peek at the beginnings of one prepper’s homestead!


What questions do you have for Ben? Put them in the comments below.


Follow Ben’s homestead progress on his YouTube Channel

Check out more of Ben’s articles on how you can be financially prepared on his site Financial Survivalist

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