Ever since I read Neil Strauss’ Emergency and Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, I’ve wondered exactly how free Americans are.

It’s a question that evokes a lot of passion from both sides, so I don’t exactly bring it up at cocktail parties. But it’s in the back of my head, and I perk up whenever I stumble across something related to it.

Recently, I came across a couple resources that attempt to objectively measure just how much liberty the nations of our world really have.

Here they are:

While the Heritage’s report is obviously focused on the economic freedom afforded to individuals in particular countries, the CATO Foundation’s study categorizes both economic liberty and personal liberty (free speech, free media, gun ownership, etc).

Here’s the bottom line according to both studies: America is NOT the freest nation in the world.

Maybe that pisses you off, but it’s the truth. At least for the time being (heaven knows the degree of liberty a nation enjoys is ever-changing).

Here’s what I think:

While America is certainly still very high on the list, it’s important for every serious American prepper to at least take note of how we stack up, and consider the question “Is it more important to be American or to be free?”

Because at some point, you will need to choose.

Just like those who emigrated to America seeking freedom and opportunity, at some point, Americans will likely need to do the same.

Crucify me as a heretic if you want to.


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