Goji Berry-Agriscaping Edible Landscaping

The Cinderella of backyard gardens just went to the ball.

That’s right, the latest iteration of urban food production is upon us, and this time, it’s downright sexy. Known as “Agriscaping”, this elegant, edible landscaping combines the best of small-scale agriculture, with the beauty of ornamental plants, in a landscape that’s beautiful enough to pass HOA standards.

While beautiful food production certainly isn’t new, I’ve never seen it done with quite the same amount of flair or attention to detail as Agriscaping incorporates.

I first got wind of Agriscaping in the summer of 2015, after they launched a Kickstarter project to fund their mobile app, and have had my eye on them ever since. After several swings and misses, schedules finally aligned, and Agriscaping CEO, Justin Rohner and I were able to chat for a few minutes.

As we talked, Justin recounted one of his earliest experiences with agriscaping in his own yard. Not wanting to attract undue attention from neighbors and his community HOA board, he had carefully worked some edible plant varieties into his front yard–including watermelon.

One day, a neighbor girl came into his front yard, picked an unripe watermelon, and ran off. Justin followed her down the street and explained that the watermelon wasn’t ripe yet, but that she was welcome to them if she would ask. They cut the watermelon open, and shared a small teaching moment about local food production.

From those humble beginnings, the response has truly shown that Agriscaping is an idea who’s time has come.

Shortly after the watermelon incident, Justin began teaching in local nurseries and classrooms about integrating food production into beautiful landscapes.

He started getting phone calls from people that wanted edible landscapes installed. The media took notice. Homebuilders jumped on board, and began offering Agriscaping as a landscape option for new homes being built. And consistent homeowner demand has blossomed into a network of Agriscaping-certified landscape professionals around the globe.

Ornamental Jungle Fowl - Agriscaping Edible Landscaping

Justin has been able to get his backyard chickens approved by the HOA, in part because he refers to them as “ornamental jungle fowl.” If there’s a will, there’s a way right?

The message is simple: Even if you live in an uber-restrictive HOA, there are ways to grow food on your property.

What are the limits? Golf courses? Shopping malls? School campuses? Religious centers? Why not? If it looks this good, takes the same amount of resources to maintain, AND gives you something at the end, what’s not to like?

How You Can Get Involved With Agriscaping

If the concept of Agriscaping strikes a familiar chord, Justin and the team would love to connect with you. There are a few different avenues for this to happen:

  1. You can contact their team to have an “agriscaper” come out to your property for a consultation. You guys can discuss your goals for beautification and food production, and they can outline some options.
  2. You can enroll in the Agriscaping Mastery Program, where you will complete a series of 10+ classes, that outline all the building blocks of a beautiful, edible landscaping.
  3. If you have some landscape experience, you can apply to become a Certified Agriscaping Professional. If accepted, you will complete their training program, and then be qualified to receive leads from their demand networ (i.e. people in your area call Agriscaping to have work done on their property, and Agriscaping contacts you with the job).

Because I frequently preach food self sufficiency, it’s no secret that I wholeheartedly applaud Justin and the Agriscaping team for the vision they’re sharing with the rest of the world. At the end of the day, Agriscaping is a tool. And just like many other tools– aquaponics, backyard chickens, alternative energy, you name it–the end goal is always the same: become more self sufficient. Become more free. Have more control over your life.

It took a little effort to get our schedules to correlate, so if you guys enjoyed this, send a quick email to Justin and the team, and let em know! admin@Agriscaping.com

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