Opportunities to Partner

I welcome the opportunity to collaborate on projects. I am open to:

  • Guest posting or magazine articles-I do a limited number of these each year.
  • Being interviewed-Primarily written and audio interviews, but not opposed to video when geography and schedules permit.
  • Speaking and other public appearances-Expos, preparedness fairs, trade shows, and related conventions.
  • Product reviews-My gear review policy has changed. Check it out here.
  • Book reviews-The queue is long and ever-growing but I’m still open to doing a review for books that I feel are truly related to what we talk about on The Daily Prep. Let me know if you feel like there’s a fit.
  • Experiential-If you offer a service or experience that you would like The Daily Prep audience to know about (i.e. skills courses, training, etc.), send me a note. If it is a good fit, I am happy to have you host me and will give you as much video coverage as possible.
  • Advertising/Sponsoring-If you are a manufacturer or service in a related industry, I’m happy to speak with you. I’m not accepting banner/sidebar ad requests at this time, but happy to discuss one of the above options.

For these and all related inquiries, please contact media@TheDailyPrep.com with the details of what you have in mind. Please understand that although I would like to help everyone out, obviously there are time constraints that make this impossible.

Even if your idea ends up being something we ultimately don’t work together on, I’m happy to be a resource if I can.

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