My Journey

Protection from the elements:

To Get:

  • Mr. Buddy Heater
  • Wood Burning Stove

To Do:

  • Build Mors Kochanski Shelter
  • Fire with a bow drill
  • Fire with flint and steel
  • Fire with a hand drill



To Get:

  • Rain Catchment and harvesting
  • Distiller
  • Store 180 gallons of water
  • Better water pump

To Do:

  • Water collection: solar still, bags on the leaves
  • Make a shtf water sink setup

Food Storage/Production/Preservation:

To Get:

  • 1 month food storage
  • 6 months food storage
  • 12 months food storage
  • Wheat Grinder
  • Pressure canner
  • Dedydrater

To Do:

  • Garden
  • Aerobic Composting machine and into the garden
  • Greenhouse Garden
  • Fruit & Nut Orchard
  • Vines
  • Bees
  • Chickens
  • Rabbits
  • Tilapia
  • Work in a butcher shop for a week.
  • Catch, kill, skin, gut, clean, butcher and eat 5 small animals (squirrel, fish, bird, rabbit)
  • Catch, kill, skin, gut, clean, butcher and eat 5 large animals (deer, elk, etc)



To Get:

  • 9mm handgun
  • 12 gauge shotgun
  • .22 LR
  • Mosin Nagant
  • AR-15
  • Pepper spray

To Do:

  • Get my concealed carry permit
  • Take a defensive handgun class at Frontsight or equivalent training
  • Compete in an IDPA match
  • Get my wife to take a class and shoot in a match
  • Complete project appleseed rifle marksmanship class
  • Krav Maga Classes


Emergency Medicine:

To Get:

  • Medical Bag

To Do:

  • CPR Training
  • EMT Training



To Get:

  • HAM Radio tower
  • HAM Radio handhelds (for house and car)

To Do:

  • HAM Radio technician’s license
  • HAM Radio operator’s license
  • HAM Radio expert class license
  • Participate in regular check ins, and HAM radio blitzes


Survival Kits:

  • EDC
  • Get my wife carrying an EDC
  • Bug Out Bags for me and the wife
  • Put together a car survival kit for both car and human needs
  • Office survival kit


  • Motorcycle License
  • Sailing License
  • Pilots License
  • Concealed Carry permit

Bonus Level (Gnarlisaurus):

  • Buy a 1 acre “homestead” piece of property
  • Buy a sailboat that can be used as a BOV
  • Buy another BOV (truck, camper, RV, or motorcycles for my wife and I)
  • Get Second citizenship and passport
  • Produce my own energy solar, wind, biogas, gasifier or some combo
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