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Daily Prep Episode 215: What Pack Should I Use for My Bug Out Bag?

So a little while back, I got the following email from a reader: Hi, I just wanted to say first off that I really enjoy your blog.  I like the […]

Are You Prepared For a Legal Disaster?

Here’s one disaster you might not have considered in your preps… A lawsuit. Yes, a good old fashioned lawsuit can be devastating to life as you know it, and well […]

Goodbye Beach, Hello Mountains

Even with no humidity, 95 degrees is still hot. It’s been 5 days since my wife and I (along with our beloved dog Snax) left our home in San Diego […]

Urban Survival Death Match: Fixed Blade vs. Multi-Tool

A couple days ago, I revisited the desert island question. If I had to choose 1 cutting edge in my bug out bag, would it be a fixed blade knife […]

Who’s To Blame?

There is no place for pointing the finger of blame in a self sufficient lifestyle. In this post/video, I talk about today’s “culture of blame” and how to stay away from it.

14 “Must Haves” For Your Urban Survival Toolbox

It’s important that you make sure your urban survival toolbox is stocked with the right tools. And with the wealth of free knowledge available on the internet, there’s no reason […]

Should Survivalists “Shrug” Atlas? (II of II)

I still remember the first time I stayed up past my bedtime. Mom and dad were gone for the night, and the babysitter either didn’t have a clue or didn’t […]