Are You Prepared For a Legal Disaster?


Here’s one disaster you might not have considered in your preps… A lawsuit. Yes, a good old fashioned lawsuit can be devastating to life as you know it, and well worth preparing yourself for. They cost a TON of $$$ They take a ton of time. They destroy strained relationships. They consume your thoughts. They […]

Goodbye Beach, Hello Mountains

Even with no humidity, 95 degrees is still hot. It’s been 5 days since my wife and I (along with our beloved dog Snax) left our home in San Diego for the mountains of Utah. And since that time, we’ve basically been living out of our car. I say “basically” because her new job did […]

Urban Survival Death Match: Fixed Blade vs. Multi-Tool

Fixed Blade or Multi Tool

A couple days ago, I revisited the desert island question. If I had to choose 1 cutting edge in my bug out bag, would it be a fixed blade knife or a multi-tool? As part of my minimalist mindset, I frequently take mental (and physical) inventory of my gear, in an effort to constantly maintain […]

Who’s To Blame?

Who's To Blame

There is no place for pointing the finger of blame in a self sufficient lifestyle. In this post/video, I talk about today’s “culture of blame” and how to stay away from it.

14 “Must Haves” For Your Urban Survival Toolbox

It’s important that you make sure your urban survival toolbox is stocked with the right tools. And with the wealth of free knowledge available on the internet, there’s no reason not to. Enjoy this “best of the web” list for the aspiring urbivalist. Packed with tons of good information, there’s sure to be a little […]

Should Survivalists “Shrug” Atlas? (II of II)

Shrug Atlas 2

I still remember the first time I stayed up past my bedtime. Mom and dad were gone for the night, and the babysitter either didn’t have a clue or didn’t care about bedtimes. The clock struck 8:00 and in one liberating instant, my entire world changed. I had caught a glimpse of how the other […]

Should Survivalists “Shrug” Atlas? (I of II)

Shrug Atlas 1

On April 15,2011, John Aglialoro’s production of Atlas Shrugged hit select theaters across America. It sold a marginal 1.7 million in sales on opening weekend, and received a measly 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. By most standards, it’d be safe to say it was a flop. But the story goes back much further than that.

How To “Borrow” A Yard For Your Garden

Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner! And if you’re an apartment dwelling “urbivalist” like me, you’ve got a dilemma on your hands–you want to garden, but don’t have the yard for it. For a long time, people in this category have had limited options:

22 Question Urban Survival Jeopardy-What’s Your Score?

Are you a true urbivalist? Here’s your chance to “Ken Jennings” up and prove it. 22 questions from a random cross section of different aspects of preparedness and survival. Check your answers at the end and score yourself accordingly (and they’re pretty easy, so I’ll be a disappointed mother if you miss more than a […]

Sailboat-The Best Bug Out Vehicle?


In the middle of my corporate ladder climbing career (which lasted less than 3 years), I read the story of a young boy who single handedly sailed the world in a 16 foot boat. The book he later wrote of the expedition, titled “Dove“, is full of excitement, adventure, and brushes with death. He talks […]

Best Urban Survival Fixed Blade Knife?

gerber prodigy

In my search to find the best urban survival fixed blade knife, I’ve come across all kinds. The debate is an ongoing on–carbon or stainless? Tanto/combat vs. hunting blade? Length, width, best sheath (for both knife blade protection and access), best wood splitter, finish, longest holding edge. While it’s clear that there are pros and […]