Turn Muddy Water Into a Sports Drink – Daily Prep Episode 179


It might not be water into wine, but HydroPack pouch filters allow you to turn filthy, brackish, disgusting mud into a purified sports drink. How? It uses a reverse osmosis process that filters water on the way in to the pouch, so all the contaminants are left outside. Simply put it into the water and come […]

Daily Prep Episode 168: My Week Without Running Water


As I talked about in Prepisode 164, my wife and I recently moved. As part of that process, my wife and I spent a week using ONLY water from our 55 gallon water barrel. No running water whatsoever. As you can imagine, this is a pain in the butt–particularly when you’re trying to clean stuff […]

Daily Prep Episode 166: How To Make a Water Saving SHTF Sink


I’m 4 days into my week long “no running water challenge“, and due to a little inspiration I gathered from Brooklyn Prepper, today I made a sink setup that will allow me to save and re-purpose a TON of water. Thanks Brooklyn! Resources: My week long “no running water” challenge here. Check out Brooklyn Prepper’s […]

Daily Prep Episode 118: How To Make a Simple Water Filter


After last Tuesday’s prepisode on water purification, I had a couple comments from our good friend J-Web asking about water filtration using things around the house. It reminded me that I had read about making a water filter from things around the house in Apartment Prepper’s book, The Prepper’s Pocket Guide. Because I had wanted […]

Daily Prep Episode 114: How To Double Purify Water


Today I take a look at water purification, and specifically “double purification.” Quite simply, double purification means using 2 different methods (i.e. boiling and filtration, or chemical purification and filtration). Resources: Aquamira Technologies (tablets, liquid, and filtration purification)

Aquamira Frontier Pro Review


Simply put, the Aquamira Frontier Pro is truly one of the MOST bang for your buck pieces of survival gear out there. Why? VER-SA-TIL-I-TY. Say it with me folks.  Not only does it enable “pass through filtration” to filter water as you’re drinking, but it also comes with it’s patented Universal Connectivity System that allows it to […]

Daily Prep Episode 32: Is Your Garden Hose Cancerous?


After posting Prepisode 18, on bulk water storage, I had a little something brought to my attention.  Many garden hoses, in fact MOST garden hoses, are not recommended as “drinking safe.” After looking at several hoses on the store shelf, I even saw that some had warnings stating that they were constructed with materials known by […]

Daily Prep Episode 27: Water Storage Space Savers


If you don’t have enough space to store a 55 gallon water barrel, I feel your pain.  Prior to moving to my Utah abode, my wife and I lived in a downtown San Diego apartment, where we couldn’t feasibly store a huge barrel. Although the survival hardcores may tell you to suck it up and […]

Daily Prep Episode 18: 55 Gallons of Liquid Life


In the eternal order of things, water is sacred. He who is found possessed of it at the last day, it shall be well with him (and he may actually live to see another day). Now that I’m out of my 2 room apartment and into a house, I have a enough room for a […]

Daily Prep Episode 5: Bug Out Bag Distiller for $5


Water is liquid life. Everyone knows that we can’t last long without it. But what do you do if you have to purify salt water? Boiling it will only make it saltier. Or eliminate Protozoa like Giardia? Iodine can’t kill these guys. Simple. You distill it. Distilling water uses the principles of evaporation and condensation […]

Emergency Condom Water Carrier

condom water carrier

It’s time to get silly. On the coattails of finishing Cody Lundin’s 98.6: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive, I thought I would attempt a little experiment. In his book, Cody mention’s something that I personally had never heard of before–using condoms as an emergency water carrier. Although I’ve seen them used as water […]