Smoke Detector Placement In Your House- Daily Prep Episode 341

Smoke Detector Placement

So where is the best smoke detector placement in your home? Short answer….it depends (can’t be too easy right?). For starters, how big is your home and how many levels are there? A very large home could need 10 or more smoke detectors, whereas a small home or apartment may only need a couple. In […]

Is the Jetboil Stove a Good Prep?

214 Jetboil

When I was in Alaska for 12 days, I used a Jetboil stove to do my cooking (i.e. boil water for my Mountain House). They are really efficient, hot burning stoves that will bring water to a boil in a hurry! Even so, I don’t feel like these things are the greatest prep for a […]

Emberlit Stove Review


Last month I caught up with my buddy Ben from Financial Survivalist, and did a little dispersed camping up the road from me. While there I finally got to test my Emberlit Stove, and really liked it. For today’s Gear Review Wednesday, I wanted to give you guys a little look at it. It’s lightweight, […]

Daily Prep Episode 183: Utah Wildfires Part II


On the coattails of yesterday’s prepisode about the fire, today another fire sprang up–this time pretty close to my house! BE SAFE TOMORROW if you’re going to light off fireworks! Don’t take a chance of lighting something off near brush. In addition to the hazard of starting a fire, make sure your kids are supervised […]

Daily Prep Episode 161: How To Make A Hobo Stove


Hobo stoves are a classic urban survival solution to making a cook fire. They require very little surface area, provide a level surface for cooking, and display almost no flame signature. And you can make one out of a can you find in the gutter. As an added bonus, they work great with alcohol fuel […]

Daily Prep Episode 156: UCO Waterproof Matches Gear Review


If you haven’t seen the UCO Stormproof Matches in action yet, you definitely need to check these guys out! They are windproof and waterproof–REALLY windproof and waterproof, and fairly inexpensive. They belong in your preps! (check out my other recommended gear here) Resources: Check out a list of retailers you can buy UCO Matches from […]

Daily Prep Episode 153: What Is Fatwood?


I recently got some fatwood from Jeepinator, our good friend and fellow prepper. He found a ton of it on his property in North Carolina, and was kind enough to send some my way. So what is fatwood? Quite simply, fatwood (or “heartwood”) is wood from the core of a pine tree. It’s saturated with […]

Daily Prep Episode 110: Review of The 36 Hour Emergency Candle


In today’s Gear Review Wednesday, I give you a look at the 36 hour emergency candle. It’s made of liquid paraffin wax, and features: smokeless and odorless burning adjustable wick super light weight construction–no glass or metal lid for the wick If you want to pick a couple up, check them out here: 100 Hour […]

Daily Prep Episode 101: Zombie Squad Winter Mock Bug Out


Field Trip Friday! Remember the mock bug out in the fall that I did? Well, I just did another one in the snow. My good buddy Ben from Financial Survivalist invited me to join him for Zombie Squad’s Winter Mock Bug Out Competition. Although it was cut short by what was definitely a surprise ending, we had […]

Daily Prep Episode 67: Review of The Coleman Magnesium Firestarter


In today’s Gear Review Wednesday, I give you a look at the Coleman Magnesium Firestarter, available at Wal Mart, Big 5, or probably any other sporting goods store. The concept of magnesium firestarters is simple–scrape off a small pile of magnesium filings, then strike a spark into it with a flint. Magnesium is easily ignited, […]

Daily Prep Episode 49: Field Trip to Boise


Road Trip! After the 72 hour urban bug out that I did in downtown San Diego last May, Cody In Boise had been reaching out to me to come up and do some survival stuff in the Idaho mountains. A few months of mis-matched schedules later, we finally found a time to make it work. Cody […]

Video-How To Start A Fire With Flint And Steel

flint and steel

On a recent car camp out with some friends, a buddy and I decided to light the fire for the kids in true survivalist fashion–with flint and steel. The idea is basic. By striking the steel against the flint, you can send sparks into a bed of tinder, which will hopefully ignite into flames. Wa-lah. […]