Englander Wood Stove – First Look

Englander Wood Stove

So as part of my “new house renovations”, my wife and I got an Englander wood stove for our basement. As preppers, we know that having a backup heat source is IMPERATIVE if you live in a cold climate! For a long time, I had wanted a wood stove, but it wasn’t really an option because I […]

EXO Shelter By Reaction Housing: Emergency Shelter for a Family of 4

EXO Shelter by Reaction Housing featured image

Every year, thousands of families are displaced by disasters. While these families are trying to figure out their next move, they need to take temporary shelter somewhere. The EXO Shelter, created by the folks at Reaction Housing, does exactly this, in a low-cost and easily deployable way. There have been various other attempts at disaster […]

Daily Prep Episode 293: Advice for Building Off The Grid

Building Off The Grid

On the coattails of yesterday’s prepisode about the Off The Grid Build website, I thought I’d let you in on a recent convo I had with my buddy Mike a couple weeks back. He let me know that he is getting ready to close on a 5-10 acre parcel of land about an hour south […]

Daily Prep Episode 292: Off The Grid Build

Off The Grid Build

In my mind, the “summit” of prepping lies in having a secure off the grid build. It just feels peaceful. Even though you are still subject to weather and acts of God, living in an off grid home ensures that you aren’t subject to the whims of utility companies, city power stipulations, or any other […]

Modular Bug Out Shelter for $1595

Compassion Shelters

A couple weeks ago, I got an interesting comment on a post I wrote in 2011 entitled “Is This the Best Bug Out Shelter?”. It was from a dude named  “Airborne”, who referenced a modular, low-cost emergency shelter known as

Daily Prep Episode 281: Where to Buy Shipping Containers for Your Retreat

shipping container auctions

Like a handful of you guys out there, I have a minor obsession with ISBU shipping container housing.  It stems out of a handful of reasons. Shipping containers are: Cheap (roughly $2-3K fora 40′ corten steel container) Extremely durable and load bearing Versatile (they can be setup in a variety of configurations) Cool-looking (I dig […]

Mr Heater Portable Buddy: Indoor Propane Heater for $89

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy

Last winter, a giant windstorm hit Utah. For several days, some people were without power, and accordingly without heat. Families bundled up in extra clothing and blankets, and the lucky ones had neighbors with generators that would run an extension cord to them. Being without heat during winter in the Rocky Mountains is a legitimate emergency. […]

SOL Escape Bivy Field Test

SOL escape bivy

Hey Guys, After a long hiatus, I have another gear review for you–this time on the SOL Escape Bivy. I’ve had this bivy for a long time, and even took it with me on an adventure once, but for a couple reasons never posted the footage. Now that it’s getting cold again, I wanted to put […]

Daily Prep Episode 235: Hurricane Sandy-Last Minute Preps and Resources

235 Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is starting to hit the East Coast, and from the looks of it, it’s going to be a nasty one. Here’s a few quick last minute helps. Resources: National Hurricane Center National Hurricane Center live video updates State Emergency Management Offices Google crisis map-Hurricane Sandy Google crisis map-Hurricane Sandy

Daily Prep Episode 101: Zombie Squad Winter Mock Bug Out


Field Trip Friday! Remember the mock bug out in the fall that I did? Well, I just did another one in the snow. My good buddy Ben from Financial Survivalist invited me to join him for Zombie Squad’s Winter Mock Bug Out Competition. Although it was cut short by what was definitely a surprise ending, we had […]

Daily Prep Episode 94: Review of My Car Survival Kit


(Update: In 8/13 I did a more recent version of my car survival kit) Gear Review Wednesday, and today I thought I’d give you guys a look at my car survival kit.  With Christmas and New Years just around the corner, a lot of people are on the roads. This is the time to make […]