My Super Bowl Insurance Commercial

Like a handful of you know, my little girl has been back in the hospital for the past 5 days. For as much as that sucks, it isn’t anywhere near […]

The Prep Nobody is Talking About: My Car Breakdown and Clinical Insanity

On my way back from California for Christmas last month, my car broke down. Victorville, CA for those of you who are familiar with it. Yuck. It was 6 pm […]

REAL Prepping is Carrying 2 Bandaids in Your EDC So You Can Bandage up A Wound When Your Dog Bites You

Allow me to share some wisdom with you: Never startle a big dog when he’s sleeping. That’s a lesson I learned the hard way a couple weeks ago, when my […]

Prepping With Special Needs Children – Daily Prep Episode 335

A couple months ago, many of you guys remember that my little girl was in the hospital for about a week. It was a scary time and we really appreciate […]

Daily Prep Episode 254: So…Did My House Have Radon?

A couple of weeks back, I posted a prepisode on how I was testing my house for Radon. Radon is a poisonous gas which can cause lung cancer and a […]

Daily Prep Episode 243: Seed Sprouting for Preppers

Now that my garden has officially kicked the bucket for the season, I’ve decided to try my hand at a little sprouting. Sprouts are cheap, easy to grow, and contain […]

Daily Prep Episode 241: Is Your House Contaminated With Radon?

You might have heard of “Radon” before, without knowing exactly what it is. Radon is a radioactive gas that’s released as a natural by-product of uranium breaking down. Because of […]