Guest Appearances

Interview with Glen Tate: Author of 299 Days Books

Today I’m joined by 299 Days book series author Glen Tate, for a power hour (almost) of goodness. Or, if you just want to skim some of the high moments, […]

FerFal Interview: Bugging Out and Relocating

I have a legitimate prepisode TREAT for you guys today. Many of you guys are already familiar with Fernando “FerFal” Aguirre, but in case you aren’t, he is the creator […]

What are Your Shooting Drills? – Daily Prep Episode 357

Have you ever shot at a cowboy town? Ton o fun!! Recently, a couple buddies and I got to do just that down at the North Springs Shooting Center in […]

$15 Coupon Code from Online Carry Training

Today I’m joined via skype by Chris from Online Carry Training. As the founder and CEO, Chris started Online Carry Training just under 2 years ago, after having taught offline […]

Survival Fishing Practice – Daily Prep Episode 336

A huge part of being truly self sufficient is learning how to get food from the earth. And for me, part of that means practicing a little survival fishing. I […]

Prepping With Special Needs Children – Daily Prep Episode 335

A couple months ago, many of you guys remember that my little girl was in the hospital for about a week. It was a scary time and we really appreciate […]

Chad’s Drip Irrigation Systems Reviews – Daily Prep Episode 326

Today’s prepisode comes from my good buddy Chad. Chad was a neighbor of mine when I lived in Springville, a year ago. Today he does a “guest prepisode” to show […]