Guest Appearances

FerFal Interview: Bugging Out and Relocating

I have a legitimate prepisode TREAT for you guys today. Many of you guys are already familiar with Fernando “FerFal” Aguirre, but in case you aren’t, he is the creator […]

What are Your Shooting Drills? – Daily Prep Episode 357

Have you ever shot at a cowboy town? Ton o fun!! Recently, a couple buddies and I got to do just that down at the North Springs Shooting Center in […]

$15 Coupon Code from Online Carry Training

Today I’m joined via skype by Chris from Online Carry Training. As the founder and CEO, Chris started Online Carry Training just under 2 years ago, after having taught offline […]

Survival Fishing Practice – Daily Prep Episode 336

A huge part of being truly self sufficient is learning how to get food from the earth. And for me, part of that means practicing a little survival fishing. I […]

Prepping With Special Needs Children – Daily Prep Episode 335

A couple months ago, many of you guys remember that my little girl was in the hospital for about a week. It was a scary time and we really appreciate […]

Chad’s Drip Irrigation Systems Reviews – Daily Prep Episode 326

Today’s prepisode comes from my good buddy Chad. Chad was a neighbor of mine when I lived in Springville, a year ago. Today he does a “guest prepisode” to show […]

Keychain EDC Flashlights – Daily Prep Episode 323

In this guest prepisode, our friend NotUNotMe briefly touches on the importance of having keychain EDC flashlights. Many people rely on their cell phones as flashlights, but in this video, […]