Interview with Glen Tate: Author of 299 Days Books

Video thumbnail for youtube video 299 Days Books Author, Glen Tate

Today I’m joined by 299 Days book series author Glen Tate, for a power hour (almost) of goodness. Or, if you just want to skim some of the high moments, you can skip through this playlist: For those of you who aren’t familiar with Glen or the series, there are a handful of really cool […]

299 Days Book Review: The Preparation

299 Days Book Review

At long last, I FINALLY read the first 299 Days book, The Preparation! Loved it! For those of you not familiar, 299 Days is a series of 10 books written by Glen Tate, about the collapse of the United States. “The Preparation” chronicles the life and career of a man named Grant, who takes a […]

Jake and Miller’s Big Adventure – Book Review

Jake and Miller's Big Adventure Book Review

Tonight my daughter Penny and I read a cool little prepping bedtime story, called “Jake and Miller’s Big Adventure.” The book is written by my friend Bernie Carr, and I think it’s FANTASTIC (If you guys have been following me since the early days, you might remember seeing me review her first book, The Prepper’s […]

Life As We Knew It – Daily Prep Episode 353

Life as we knew it

Could a young adult novel teach you anything about prepping? That’s the question I asked myself prior to diving in the book Life As We Knew It. Set in the not so distant future, this 335 page novel is a compilation of journal entries from a teenage girl, before, during, and after a world-changing SHTF […]

Daily Prep Episode 261: Did You Get Any Preps for Christmas?

Christmas Preps Backyard Homestead IronKey

This Christmas, I was lucky enough to get a couple of really cool preps on the list of things I’d been wanting! The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan This is a book I’ve wanted for a long time (ever since my good friend Liberty N Justice recommended it to me). Although I haven’t really dug […]

Daily Prep Episode 247: Off The Grid Homes-Book Review


Even though I’m cooling my heels in the Boston Marriott, I wanted to make a quick prepisode about the book “Off The Grid Homes.” Although I used it as my in-flight reading for this trip, it’s essentially a coffee table book for preppers–tons of pictures, and light on copy. It explores the solutions that 6 […]

Daily Prep Episode 238: The Prepper Next Door-Book Review


I’ve actually had The Prepper Next Door for quite a while (like 4 months quite a while), but just finished it the other day. To be completely honest with you guys, It has some issues, most of which could probably be summed up in a couple words: poor editing. Within it’s 300 pages, there are: […]

Daily Prep Episode 196: The Pulse


If you guys watched my 72 hour power outage simulation last week, you might remember seeing me read Scott Williams “The Pulse” by candlelight. I just finished reading it, and really enjoyed it. In this video, I give you just a few of the reasons why. Have you guys read this yet? -Dan Resources: Pick […]

Daily Prep Episode 151: “One Second After” Book Review


A couple months ago, I got a little gift in the mail from our friend and fellow prepper Ben R–the book “One Second After”, by William R. Forstchen. With all the chaos over the last couple months, it took me a while to really get into it, but I finally finished it on my plane […]

Daily Prep Episode 140: Your FREE Prepper Library


In today’s BOWM, I pass along some of the handiwork of my good buddy Alex over at The Bubba Effect. Alex has put together a reference library that will make you cry it’s so good. And the best part, everything on his list is linked to free ebooks on the internet. If you can’t find […]

Daily Prep Episode 134: Review of “On Island Time”


Recently finished the book “On Island Time” by Scott Williams. Great read.  This book chronicles his adventures as a vagabond in the Caribbean over a period of a couple years. Spearfishing for dinner, harvesting coconuts for their water, and sheltering anywhere he could get away with it, Scott’s journey really is incredible. If you’re like […]